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Marcela Tinaire categorically denies that Mirtha Legrand wants to retire from television – People Online

for about two years, mirtha legrand He had to ban all weekend driving on the screens of El Tres. The…

By admin , in news , at May 15, 2022

for about two years, mirtha legrand He had to ban all weekend driving on the screens of El Tres. The most affected were the elderly during the early stages of coronavirus and quarantine and one of them was “Chick”. For which he had to leave his place and his granddaughter took his place. Juana Vial, Once normalcy returns, legrand She returned on a special event, but has yet to resume her position as host. to return to?

in chat with eleven ten / city radio, Marcella Tinere talked about his mother’s gift and refuted all the rumors who declared that mirtha He will definitely retire from TV. In addition, he highlighted the important person who was his daughter. Juana Vialwho took over the reins of the program and helped them mirtha To move forward after the pandemic.

“Juana was the first to help him, she went to look for him, she took him to tea. Before you We organized Tacitos with our closest friends, but it was Juana who inspired him.”confessed tinayre, On the other hand, he insisted that his mother was the one who decided to quit driving when it all started: “Mother was the first to go on Sunday when the pandemic appeared and she told Nacho (Viale) that she was not going to go anymore. On Monday Nacho asked me for a replacement and on Tuesday the 60-year-old could not go on television channels because he was at risk,

“When it happened I told her ‘call Juana now’ and she settled down. I love that they get to know her from the other side, and see her beauty and her sensitivity”Express marcel about his daughter. to return to tv mirthaObviously Juana Vial will not accompany him in this expected return of Chikki Argentina on screen.

In May 2020, mirtha suffered the death of his twin sister goldieDue to which Diva was in great pain. Regarding this difficult moment, marcel told how he lived legrand This sad situation. “When my Aunt Goldie died, my mom spoke to her until 6:00 p.m. She told me quickly, afraid the media would find out first, and before I cried, I had to call my mom. Had to be saved. I called Nacho and we all went to Mom’s.”counted again and added: “I asked him to kneel next to me and he felt immediately, it was very strong. I had to be with her every day because she was very ill, she was her twin, I felt her cry for many nights, she was destroyed, they spoke 14 times a day.

Regarding refusal to work in LAM, tinayre He explained the reasons why he was not accepted as a panelist: “I say no because I can’t betray someone’s trust, I can’t tell an infidelity in the first place. If you don’t generate something there they turn on you and generate a huge buzz”, . more information on



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