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Mara Lezama promises zero corruption in Quintana Rouge

Cancun. – This Wednesday, May 11, Morena’s candidate for the governorship of Quintana Roo, Maria Elena Hermelinda Lezama Espinoza published…

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Cancun. – This Wednesday, May 11, Morena’s candidate for the governorship of Quintana Roo, Maria Elena Hermelinda Lezama Espinoza published a statement in which promise to end corruption in the unit.

It was on his Twitter account “Marlezama” where the licensed Mayor of Cancun announced that Signed 10 commitments proposed by the Citizens Partnership Committee To end the damage described as “the cancer that has done so much” to the unit based in southern Mexico.

“As Governor, I will guarantee a transparent government that fights corruption and provides a clear account to the people. Today I signed 10 anti-corruption commitments to definitely end the cancer that caused #QuintanaRoo impressed me so much.”

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except, asked to work in the same direction Movement led by President Andres Manuel López Obrador (amlo)Fourth change.

“I have come to sign these commitments because I believe in them, because at 4T we believe in fighting corruption and strengthening transparency,” he said.

In another publication on the same social network, he shared a campaign bulletin titled “In the 4TV Fight Corruption: Mara Lezama”, in which he highlighted that, since entering public service, he has played one of the 3 Shared 3.

Born on September 29, 1969, Mara Lezama stated that, if she wins the governorship of Quintana Roo, she will be in charge of ensuring the execution of the program and budget allocation for the implementation of the anti-corruption policy in the executive power.

The woman born in the municipality of Benito Juárez concluded, “In Cancun we closed many of the keys where the money went and we proceeded with the digitization of the processes, which speeds them up and prevents corruption.”

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Mara Lezama promises zero corruption in Quintana Rouge

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