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Manufacturers fear price regulation in Sinaloa

Sinaloa. – Years of counting coins in their pockets and so many years passed that the little ones agricultural producer…

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Sinaloa. – Years of counting coins in their pockets and so many years passed that the little ones agricultural producer Saw the victory of Sinaloa. Today’s Cereal prices are in their favor but the flavor won’t lastAs tries to prevent and reduce value of Meal, Farmers said.


Fear about what Grain prices may be capped To prevent them from growing, League of Agrarian Communities (CNC) president Miguel ngel López Miranda said, it is the intention of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to stop the increase in food. agricultural productivity of the country.

He explained that one of the most important problems is the increase in inputs, which has increased the cost of agricultural production, so the alternative to AMLO’s proposal being viable is whether subsidy should be given or incentives should be given for purchase of agricultural fertilizers. needed.

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Sustainable Agriculture Congress (CAP) President Agustín Espinoza Lagunas described AMLO’s proposal as having good intentions, but it is difficult to implement given the high cost of inputs experienced, as increasing agricultural production is not too complicated for the farmer. Not the case. An incentive is needed to ensure that profits will not be affected by lower prices, given the lack of support that guarantees access to good prices that cover production costs.

Unlike states in the south of the country, Espinoza recalled that Sinaloa does not have a fertilizer assistance program, which would take away most of the profits left by threshing when harvests begin in September.

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Manufacturers fear price regulation in Sinaloa

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