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Magan’s merchants don’t see reciprocity

Where does the weight stop? This is a question asked by merchants of used clothing, food and other goods who…

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Where does the weight stop? This is a question asked by merchants of used clothing, food and other goods who settle in the square of the Ricardo Flores Magan neighborhood, where the harvest takes place three times a week. For a small space they pay 20 pesos; Others already have permission and are paid annually. There are dozens of vendors who come on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays to offer items they no longer need at home or who have this business activity as a job. Everyone contributes to the municipality by paying permits, however, they see that there is no reciprocity on the part of the authority headed by “chemist” Benítez, as the area lacks bathrooms, poor lighting and concrete floors. But what is worn and broken. Many have to walk among the dust and dust because of necessity, while the authority pockets the money, which is, of course, nothing.

Yes, there is peace. Concordia Mayor Ral Diaz Bernal assured that safety is guaranteed in his municipality. Díaz Bernal recognized that the last Easter holidays had a good influx of tourism. The President remarked that he walks with complete peace of mind without an escort, as he is confident that his community is at peace. Although Ral Díaz says there is no problem, Concordance himself comments that in all communities you can see vans with armed men entering and leaving at any time of day. Even walking headlong. Although until yesterday they did not represent a risk of insecurity, they still feel uncomfortable, as this would not be the first time that violent acts have been recorded in Concordia. Examples are communities in the mountains that were abandoned.

other priorities. While Mazatlán’s mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, spends his time traveling, celebrating and even giving away a car and motorcycle for Mother’s Day today, the city has destroyed streets, as insurgents. The avenue, which appears to have been bombed, complains of neighbors and businesses located in the Juárez neighborhood because of the potholes that are so high. They ask the “chemist” to fulfill the promises made since their first expedition, to drive the truck people paid for and to drive off this road so that he can see the conditions in which it is.

celebration in sight, Yesterday was the International Day of the Red Cross, a celebration that was remembered by the various delegations of this worthy institution in the country. Nearly a month after the celebration of Socorista Day, on June 24, the charity is preparing to return events that were suspended for two years due to the COVID-19 health emergency. For this year the mass gatherings held every year in honor of the organization’s lifeguards have been confirmed. However, a possible celebration for paramedics has not been ruled out, which was also canceled to avoid coronavirus infection.