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Mafia TV confirms that Debanhi Escobar’s father supports FGJNL

CDMX.- Journalist and Content Producer, Fabian Passos confirmed that Mr. Mario Escobar Salazar, Debanhi Susana Escobar’s father Buzzaldua, “supports the…

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CDMX.- Journalist and Content Producer, Fabian Passos confirmed that Mr. Mario Escobar Salazar, Debanhi Susana Escobar’s father Buzzaldua, “supports the lie” of the prosecutor’s office General of the Justice of Nuevo León (FGJNL).

It was on his YouTube channel “Mafian TV” which was uploaded on the night of Monday, 9 May with the name “I Withdraw All Help in the Debanhi Escobar Case”, where he announced that Will stop spreading material in favor of case Of a young girl found lifeless in a tank at the Nueva Castilla Motel, General Escobedo, Nuevo León.

“What would have happened is that Debanhi’s father became the one he so criticized and today supports the prosecution’s lie as if it were the absolute truth. When he himself assured that he had lost faith in the institutions of his state , which he claimed had deceived him,” he said.

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behind it, Fabian Passos speculates on possibility that man has been threatened or manipulatedBut said that, according to his point of view, “he has forgotten his classes as a high school teacher in order to attract audiences to his new reality show with his wife based on the death of his daughter.”

“It is sad, because he is no longer dedicated to seeking the truth, he is dedicated to clarifying gossip and denying gossip on social networks, the main reason, losing equity and justice (…) I am disappointed, but unfortunately the social network returned her to her daughter. In any case, believe me, due to pressure, Debanhi’s body was returned to her parents,” he said.

In this same video, Insisted that Mr. Escobar Salazar forgot the YouTubers who helped him during his search for DebanhiThose who, according to their own words, also provided financial aid, donated food or drink.

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Mafian TV’s publication came hours after the deceased’s father asked content producers and journalists not to profit from his daughter’s image, while at the same time disclosing any ties to him.

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