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Madrid, Community with the highest level of business

Yolanda Díaz delivers, from time to time, attacks of uncontrollable anger, such as with Feij’s reaction to employment outcomes, where…

By admin , in news , at June 7, 2022

Yolanda Díaz delivers, from time to time, attacks of uncontrollable anger, such as with Feij’s reaction to employment outcomes, where discontinuous permanent jobs are one of the ways this government has been singled out and betrayed. All the Spaniards have to cheat again. You need a little humility treatment.

I am not going to discuss landline shutdown today, however I have an obligation to permanently demonstrate the tricks that groups of thugs and public money looters try to make us believe, what I want to tell the readers today Chahta hoon el debate is the reality with which we find ourselves in employment.

a few days ago it showed that we were Europe’s third worst country in terms of employment rateWhich is calculated by dividing the number of workers by the number of residents, and thus we get the percentage of people working.

Simply put, if 50 people work and there are 100 residents, it means that the occupancy rate is 50%.

The Netherlands and Germany have an occupancy rate of 54%, while Spain’s is 42%, with which we are already clear that to reach that 54% we will need to create an additional 5.8 million jobs, which will not only push us full for employment, but The solution to the current problem of pension deficit will be,

Although this figure seems inconsistent, it should be the ultimate aim of the Labor Minister of any government, not to annoy the opposition leader because he says what he doesn’t like to hear, the communists anointed by Lenin and Stalin in absolute truth. Minister.

The situation is what it is. Today we are going to look at this by autonomous communities as well:

To us, once again, and to the sharp pain in the stomach of the President and the Minister of Labor, Madrid has the best of communities when it comes to creating jobs and jobs, Madrid is not only No. 1 in Spain; It is also the second community in Spain to have the largest number of inhabitants in this century so far and, therefore, may risk not being able to assimilate this population growth.

Next, and very close to Madrid, are the Balearic Islands, and at 2.1 points, Catalonia.

Basque CountryOnce a leader in many things and now in bringing prisoners closer, sleeping, Its population, so far this century, has increased by 5% compared to Madrid’s about 30%, and without an increase of more than 5%, its occupancy rate is only two tenths above average.

It is amazing to see how well non-provincial autonomous communities generally do. Thus we have La Rioja in fourth place; Navarra, in sixth, and Cantabria, in ninth. They are all above average.

in the area of ​​the damned is Andalusiawhich with 37.2% occupancy, is the worst It has a much harder job ahead of all communities, and to bridge the gap with the average. To keep at Madrid’s level, it would have to create 800,000 new jobs, which today seems impossible. But the important thing is to put in place a plan that can be reviewed quarter by quarter and can be corrected if the relevant milestones are not met. In short, work as you would in a company, open your mouth a little and execute agreed plans.

For Andalusia to be within the national average, it would have to create 385,000 jobs. According to Juanma Moreno and according to his data, which I have not verified, he says that he is creating an average of 500 posts per day, that it can reach 180,000 posts per year, which is to be averaged over two years. will allow. , or very close to it.

The other two communities that are clearly evil are Extremadura and the Principality of Asturiaswhich is the only non-provincial one to exist in Caboose.

To reach the magic figure of 50% occupancy, Madrid would have to create 240,000 new jobs. If you consider this for two years, it would mean creating 10,000 jobs per month.

So, from here on I recommend that the community presidents take charge of job creation, seek alliances, define where to put effort, but above all create a measurable, verifiable and adjustable plan for their productive sectors. , and let’s do this.

If someone expects anything from this incompetent who spends more time showing off new hairstyles than developing a plan to create a job at a hairdressing salon, let them wait.

These communists who are in our government today speak a lot and do little. It is easy to talk, but very difficult to act.

Madrid, Community with the highest level of business

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