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Macrohub is a 35 thousand square meter ship

Villagran, Guanajuato.- Economic recovery in Guanajuato is beginning to bear fruit two years after the pandemic. DEACERO Group’s macrohub Bajio…

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Villagran, Guanajuato.- Economic recovery in Guanajuato is beginning to bear fruit two years after the pandemic. DEACERO Group’s macrohub Bajio has already commenced operations at the unit, the investment totals over $16 million and will bring benefits of labor reactivation with the creation of 500 direct and indirect jobs.

The facilities will serve more than 730 customers and distributors, as well as move wiring and steel products to fuel the growth of the region and serve the Central and Pacific region of Mexico, in the same way as 11 destinations. Will strengthen exports. America You Latin America,

Bajío DEACERO Macrohub is a 35,000 square meter warehouse with a capacity to deliver over 1,500 tons of finished products per day and an installed capacity of over 12,000 tons of storage.

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Grupo DEACERO CEO David Gutierrez Muguerza commented on the investment in Bajio:

“From the very beginning we wanted to invest in this area because it represents a strategic geographic location for the company and because of the ideal proximity to the customers it needs to serve. For this reason, we look to the community and economic development of Mexico. Benefiting Bazio is very excited about MacroHub’s entry into operations.Raul Gutierrez Duran, Director of Logistics and Supplies and DEACERO Logistics expressed

Diego Xinhu, Governor of Guanajuato, pointed out that Grupo Desero has a history of more than 70 years and has been part of the social and economic development of the entity since 1998. State Governor Diego Xinhu Rodriguez Vallejo highlighted that thanks to the competitive advantage, logistics, connectivity. and the application of the rule of law, More companies like DEACERO reaffirm their investment confidence in Guanajuato,

Guanajuato is considered an important logistics center in Mexico, as it has a privileged geographic location, integrated within a radius of 400 km, 80% of the Mexican market, 70% of industrial facilities, and 60% of the national population.

“Wherever you look at Guanajuato, it becomes a logistics hub and that is the commitment of the future and Grupo DEACERO as a hub, allowing us to go that route, the geographical position of us as an important logistics center in the country. consolidates into Mentioned Diego Sihanu Rodriguez Vallejo, Governor of Guanajuato.

There are future plans for Guanajuato that include the arrival of companies citizens I InternationalRodriguez Vallejo emphasized that the unit currently has industrial areas in which large projects are being developed that will have a strong impact on the national and international level, these are the construction sectors: Internal Port II, Intermodal Railway Port, Ferro Ferric and Selyans Bridge.

“Today we want to move from creation to mind-making to generating wealth through knowledge, for this reason, we are betting on the valley of mind-making, a vision with rapid results in 20 or 30 years. , as it has an educational ecosystem, research, technological development and Industry 4.0″Mentioned Diego Xinhu, the governor of Guanajuato.

Recently, the President of Guanajuato, Diego Xinhu, remarked that The state went through a tough time during the pandemic, But it was the spirit of the people of Guanajuato that allowed them to bridge that pit, as well as the union between merchants and society.

“Here in Guanajuato, we see businessmen as allies, as men and women who risk their heritage and put their talents to employ many people; I have said this and I support it. I believe, the best way to end poverty is money, formal jobs, gifts to keep people in the vicious circle of poverty.” Rodriguez Vallejo, noted the state executive.

The $16 million investment is the first in a series of investments to be made over the next two years, as announced earlier.

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“If you want to lift someone out of poverty, offer them a formal job with benefits and a good pay, which allows them to plan for the future to get out of a modest situation; and that creates jobs.” They are not governments, they are businessmen.said.

This company’s investment project for Guanajuato contributes to the strengthening of value chains, as well as Building a resilient, inclusive and competitive economic zoneWith practices that promote egalitarian development, innovation, environmental protection and social welfare.