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Luisito clarifies feud with Lele Pons

Mexico.- Alleged encounters between influential people have recently become a trend on social networks Luisito Comunica and Lele Ponce, dispute…

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Mexico.- Alleged encounters between influential people have recently become a trend on social networks Luisito Comunica and Lele Ponce, dispute It started after statements from the youtuber about the singer, where she claimed she was Latin “only when it suits her.”

This was during an interview with EXA FM where Luisito opens up about his bad experience meeting Lelethe moment he replied that she didn’t speak spanish, but after some time he appeared on social networks to promote his new projects, showing his Latin side. At that time he assured that he was telling a funny anecdote and nothing more, but it reached his ears.

During the invitation of Lele Pons to the event divaza,radio divaza“, the interviewers raised the subject and he assured that What Komunika said was a complete lieEven his admiration for her waned.

“I was in shock. How is it possible that a person who doesn’t know me, doesn’t know anything about my life, is a friend of my friends, says in an interview. I never spoke badly of Luisito I admired him. I have never had an argument with him… No, it never happened, that’s not true,” said the singer.

Later, Luisito Comunica decided to clarify what happened and assured that “he took the anecdote out of context”, explaining that he did not want to “gossip”.

“I said there because I knew it might happen, that I didn’t want gossip, we were telling it as a compilation of funny stories, but obviously people cut pieces of gossip because they liked it. But no, really I don’t throw hate, I’m not like that, I don’t like what they think of me, and the best vibes for Lele. Everything she’s done and everything I’ve also achieved, my respect for that. And well, let’s just stay there”, finished.

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Luisito clarifies feud with Lele Pons

2022-05-11 23:14:52