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“… there is much to know, and too little to live, and no one survives if one does not know.”baltasar…

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“… there is much to know, and too little to live, and no one survives if one does not know.”
baltasar gracian

“Freedom is not free to those who choose before or now”, is how I began the column last week, the phrase that follows me as a shadow in my conscience and as a saint and a sign of life. day, just for the day.

Ink has run out after his death, journalism is a risky job, profession is a road between two edges. Freedom of expression enshrined in the Constitution becomes a mirage.
The state as a system in a society bound by laws made to make coexistence viable has challenges that must be overcome.

The prosecutor’s offices have to pick up the pace and make a resolution. Impunity is an acid that corrosives the social structure. In a short time, if justice is not done, the pillars will continue to succumb to the weight of hatred and violence.

Luis Enrique devised a way to dissect politics that made us seek it again and again, he knew different textures, colors, he was looking for intent, anonymous. On several occasions his column gave me reason to understand the “what” and the “how”. I was not always in the same perspective, the perception of different political realities allowed me to understand the state of being political. I had missed conversations with him, issues didn’t stop us, surely laughter would have won for good causes for us. Already in this time it was not, but no one leaves completely.

Unique and irreplaceable like everyone else, you are here and will remain alive and alive for those of us who touch your thoughts and notice the depth of your thought. The governor, who knows you and you well, was with your mother, Maria Ephigenia, and along with your family, promised the Sinaloa society not to stop in its quest for justice.

For Donna Cena, for your sisters Mercedes and Laura, for Juan Carlos your brother, no words are enough to express all the solidarity, pain or outrage.

It is from now on the worth of each day for the job that fear should not know. A democratic society needs a strong, free press that records reality and criticizes power. Anyone who does not understand it this way will have deprived society of power and reformed its forms of relations.

Criticism is free advice that should be commended to those who govern. If only they understand this, we can build the society and state we need in a field that is already singular to us. Mexico is a great country and Sinaloa is a great state. Let’s do our work. It would be the only way to honor the memory of those who, using journalism, have given up their lives to defend freedom, there are already nine in 2022. Here you are Luis Enrique and you have a reason to be!

Postscript. , One question, do you remember how your childhood home was, what were your dreams; If he studied, how did studies change his life? Education in Mexico pending subject at risk.