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Los Mochis, Sinaloa’s second city with road assistant

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – Nancy García Avedoy completely shakes her hands to control a pedestrian crossing at one of the…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – Nancy García Avedoy completely shakes her hands to control a pedestrian crossing at one of the street corners in Los Mochis city center. Everyone stops at his actions or all passes away. Most respect physical and sometimes verbal instructions, but some, less so, do not.

Nancy is one of a group of young women who acted in Auxiliary Road Program in Los MochisoSecond city to launch it in Sinaloa Bet on the issue of mobility, where pedestrians and cyclists take precedence,

The training of this group is the first step to contribute to the street culture in the municipality.

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Nancy, like her colleagues, enjoys a sense of responsibility as she pays for the city’s street regulation.

Young women have been embraced by citizenship. Some pay their respects because they believed that personnel were needed to walk in this busy area, especially the elderly or people with disabilities.

One of them is Alan Pacheco, who said that “This strategy is good to make people aware of respect for pedestrian traffic lights. Seen girls like what they do, we hope their There will always be respect for him.


As part of the logistics of this programme, Ahom’s municipal authorities initially decided to serve the city’s first class of cruises as they have the largest influx of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

In this regard, Julio Cesar Romanillo, secretary of Public Safety and Civil Defense of the AhomsRecalls that this program stems from the need to take the municipality and in this case, the city, to a higher level of mobility.

“Some points were taken into account and we tried to improve them until we came up with a plan to participate in this first phase. We can satisfactorily say that Los Mochis entered this method and As far as I know, Culiacán is the first city with this program, and now we are”, he emphasized.

That is why the opening of the second call to recruit more youths who want to become road assistants is already being considered. He stressed that these will also focus on educational programs with the same theme street culture,

“Citizens demand greater effectiveness in schools, this is part of the program, supports the educational sector.”


Meanwhile, Mayor Gerardo Vargas Landros said he was pleased with the civic response, but above all, to verify that the plan was yielding the expected results.

“We prepared them very well so that they do not feel attacked. He is also accompanied by the Preventive Police. They are road helpers. They help older people, to respect the stripes where they have to park, that no people park the wrong way, and we hope to have more,” he concluded.

They want to create a street culture among pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Concerned that citizens on foot and on board do not respect them, despite signs, vehicular and pedestrian traffic lights, the municipality decided to start a road assistant program, where young people try to maintain order in the first square of the city. We do.

  • They work on orientation and respect

One of their responsibilities is to keep pedestrians safe, which is why road assistants guide and prevent them from crossing when traffic lights don’t allow it.

Road assistants guide and block crossings when traffic lights do not permit it. Photo: George Kota / Debate

  • Gradually they get the respect of the public.

In less than 10 days since the Road Helper program was launched, young women have earned the respect, support and support of citizens; They have confidence in their performance.

Road assistants have earned the respect, support and support of citizens. Photo: George Kota / Debate

  • They attend strategic points of the city

Young women of this first generation are focused on serving the first class of the city, especially the cruises with the highest influx of pedestrians and cars.

Road auxiliaries serve strategic points in the city. Photo: George Kota / Batting

  • they want this program to be permanent

Although this is a pilot plan, the intention is to make it sustainable and expand to ensure that the city focuses on a true street culture and responsible mobility.

They want the road assistance program to be permanent. Photo: George Kota / Debate

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  • Ahom Municipality consists of 30 youths in this first phase of road assistants, who help in commuting.
  • 9 days have passed since the assistants received the certificate of completion of the course given to them.
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