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Los Huizaches in Culiacán, with short sales for Mother’s Day

Sinaloa.- The Huizaches. the tianguisIn Culiacán, there is a mirror that reflects the situation the country is passing through, the…

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Sinaloa.- The Huizaches. the tianguisIn Culiacán, there is a mirror that reflects the situation the country is passing through, the customer and the seller, that is Thermometer that measures the economy of the family.

The crowds along Las Minas Boulevard are reminiscent of better times, with offers and bargains muted to the music coming from the loudspeakers. The smell of frittungs that stir up the entrails and that goes with everything to order three tacos is a famine-repressed taste.


From Samaj Kalyan Avenue, you can see miserly help. Dealers move freely through the only lane that centers the stalls where the sellers sleep with a nod of the head or with a game on the cell phone.

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Guadalupe Douglas cares for people who rummage through the clothes hanging in his store.
“It’s not like we thought… a little less. There aren’t that many people,” he says.

A family spices up the morning with the beat of the drums and the sound of the trumpet, looking for weight among a crowd that wants to keep it.

Rows full of artifacts that fewer people see and buy less. Ornamental plants that wither at the sight of the visitor and clothes that flutter as they hang from the iron structure.

“The weekend, for example, was great for us. But it was a fortnight. But it’s pretty dead right now”, says Arselli.

Mothers after two days of celebration The goal is not a gift or a present. The main thing is wardrobe, pantry, Dolores says, “Tragadera”… “No more…”.

There are nuances in the huizach of the glass from which one looks. Not desired but half pink. “Sales were rock bottom. Right now for Mother’s Day it looks like it’s composing a bit,” says Alma Rosa. And the enthusiasm of second-hand sellers that is unlike those of itinerant ones.

“The truth is I put myself here for the first time. I’m doing well here…” says Jose Manuel. Customers and sellers are thermometers that activate mercury in the cage or in reduction…

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covid pandemic gives them a break

With a decrease in coronavirus cases in the state, vendors of Travel Tianguis from the Huizaches neighborhood are likely to settle in the neighborhood without fewer restrictions.

Imprisonment and unemployment affect them

The loss of jobs and imprisonment during the last two years due to COVID-19 affected the income of the family and the sales of vendors of this important street market.

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