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Los Barrocales, the urban target that has slammed Ramos in Madrid

Sergio Ramos Gerard is not a pick. one of the great legends real madrid It is not going through its…

By admin , in news , at May 20, 2022

Sergio Ramos Gerard is not a pick. one of the great legends real madrid It is not going through its best sporting or economic moment. Although Sevillian saves his income with the millionaire contract he has PSGHe has played hard this season and it devalues ​​him greatly in the market for the future.

Whereas . center of barca His occupations are clear, although some may be inconsistent with his profession as an active player, Ramos has not been successful.


His stay in Madrid for the past 16 years has allowed him to delve into businesses, such as raising horses either real estate, The former are well enjoyed on their farm in Seville such as the Alamo or Yucatán who compete in competitions all over the world and charge up to 3,000 euros per mating. some other Loss About 20 million euros were added in 2020 to 4.5 in 2019 and 5.3 in 2018.

it’s about the company Real Estate Development Los Berrocales SA The intention is to purchase one of the largest areas of land in the east of Madrid, with the launch of 100,000 homes.

Ramos missed the mark when selecting the field or advising himself. The area where the player of the game has buried his money. PSG It is in full extension in Madrid and borders Rivas, Vicalvaro and San Fernando.

Later Sanchinaro You valdebebas, in the north; The next place in development was Ensanche Day. valecas, in the south. There was a competition to erect the winning buildings in the East canaverellaAn area that shares location with Canada Real and belongs to Vicalvaro.

El Cañaveral underlies the saturated municipality of Coslada and enjoys a good connection to the M45, a road that bypasses Madrid. Home prices have increased by almost 20% over the past five years and are “nothing for less” 300,000 euros, Comment on the couples who roam the area in search of a home».

Phase 1 of Los Barrocles serves to subdivide the areaberocalles

ahijon and berocalles They have run out of their real estate explosion and left Ramos with no business. manual of government carmen Blocked the project approved by PP in its day. Mayor hindered development for years martínez-almeida Eliminated this situation and began to re-evaluate the area.

loan to blackstone

Between 2015 and 2018, Ramos invested 34 million euros in addition to signing loans with the fund. black Stone that they had to cancel with a date in the payment in 2020. The rest of the partners with whom Sergio Ramos started his real estate projects aerosky (49%) and his father, Jose María Ramos (1.01%) while the player placed 49%.

according to this five daysNow it is Erosky who has increased his stake in the real estate company to 60%, according to data from Commercial Registration, Ramos loses economic leadership of the company in exchange for 39.22% and his father 0.78%, bridging the drain.

This movement has been done after Madrid City Council has given the green signal to Stage Three berocalles To start construction of 10,000 houses. Phase one will end next year with a delivery of 4,500.

Los Barrocales, the urban target that has slammed Ramos in Madrid

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