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Longest week for Mbapp… Real Madrid or PSG?

2022-05-14 10:26:50 Mbapp PSG Ap . celebrated a goal with Time is running out and Mbapp has yet to announce…

By admin , in news , at May 15, 2022

2022-05-14 10:26:50
mbappMbapp PSG Ap . celebrated a goal with

Time is running out and Mbapp has yet to announce its decision about its future. Real Madrid or PSG? That is the question and what will the French striker have to reveal in a very short time. All roads lead to Santiago Bernabeu, but no one can put his hands on fire until the player officially confirms his departure from the French club.

This Saturday, 14 May, PSG plays its final league match against Montpellier, away from Paris. One week, on Saturday 21, he concludes the season with his club against Metz at the Parc des Princes. That day will mark the end of a party celebrating the league title in front of their fans for PSG.

No one doubts that Kian will have to open his cards now. It can’t reveal whether his destination is Real Madrid or not, but he has to clarify whether his future will be spending another year in Paris or away from there. This will be the longest week of his life as he is under a lot of pressure to make a statement and the youngster has not done that which shows that he has things very clear.

Yes, the season will not end for Mbapp next May 21, as he has games of his choosing for the League of Nations in June. Curiously, the eagerness will be overwhelming, as he will be back with Benzema and wants the chance that, if there are no injuries, he will play against Modric or Alaba, among others.

The logical thing is that the French striker will take no more than 21 May to reveal what he is going to do from 30 June, among other things, as PSG is also very attentive to planning next season. However, at this point, and without renewal, everything seems to point towards Real Madrid having its next season. There is little left to discover for the Summer Bomb. One week more cards have to be laid on the table. Mbapp continues with its roadmap, a roadmap that is already coming to an end.