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Lolita Cortés will return as a judge at La Academia

Mexico. – They have finally been exposed the judge of Academy in your version Couldn’t be more excited to see…

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Mexico. – They have finally been exposed the judge of Academy in your version Couldn’t be more excited to see 2022 and viewers return lolita cortes For the program with which she became one of the toughest judges on television two decades ago, surprises with iconic moments that remain for history.

Lolita is back in a place no one can fillBut she won’t do it alone, Arturo López Gavito will also be present who, together, was the toughest judge of a TV Aztec talent show ever.

Through its official social network, the Academy announced the return of Lolita Cortes Creating Big Expectations for this New Season of the program, from which other judges, conductors and even patrons are exposed.

In addition to Lolita and Gavito, the other judges of La Accademia will be Ana Barbara and Horacio Villalobos. Co-hosts will be Vanessa Claudio, director Alexander Acha and mentor Alex Sintek.

The great casting for La Accademia’s New Generation will take place on May 21 in Mexico City, while in Guadalajara it will take place on May 14, with dates still to be confirmed for other locations. In the meantime, everyone will be able to participate digitally.

The final edition of La Academia took place in late 2019 and ended in early 2020, with Sinalon singer-songwriter Dalu Winner and judges such as Danna Paola, Alexander Acha, Arturo López Gavito and Horacio Villalobos, while the hosts were Adal Ramones and Cynthia Rodriguez. , and patron Beto Cuevas.

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