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Lili Tellez calls for Claudia Sheinbaum’s resignation

Mexico City. – Senator of the National Action Party, Lily Tellez, assured the resignation of Claudia Sheinbaum as head of…

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Mexico City. – Senator of the National Action Party, Lily Tellez, assured the resignation of Claudia Sheinbaum as head of government of Mexico City as a result of Metro line 12 collapse A year after the tragedy.

Lily Tellez shared an excerpt from an event from Etiquette Te Ve, where, a year after the subway collapsed, she recalled that no one was responsible for the tragedy that left 26 people without life, Blaming Claudia Sheinbaum for the Accident,

Recounting the facts, Senator Lily Tellez He recalled that, since its construction, Line 12 of the Metro was done with corruption. on arrival sheinbaum The government of Mexico City was to be given maintenance for work where there was already a complaint and evidence of the deteriorating condition of the section.

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“The head of government came to power and didn’t maintain it. He didn’t have to wait for there to be pictures that were wrong, nor to be complaining, that there (…) they did it harshly,” Senators announced in the program.

In this way, telez indicated that Claudia Sheinbaum’s resignation should be requested, and not only that, but that the officer should be accused of being responsible for the tragedy by bringing a case against her for criminal negligence.

“We have to demand that he resigns. He has to get out of that situation, he should be prosecuted, he should be put in the dock and he has to pay for criminal negligence,” he insisted.

he goes against sheinbaum

This is not the first time the senator has taken a stand against the head of government, because via his official Twitter account, Lily Tellez He sent a strong message to Claudia Sheinbaum, whom he warned that he would not receive impunity for the next six-year term.

PAN member assured that the head of government cdmx He would be prosecuted for offenses arising out of his “criminal negligence” and even “disqualified from holding public office” for omissions that led to the collapse of Line 12.

“In the next six-year term, the head of government’s impunity will expire. He will be judged for offenses that show his criminal negligence, and he will be forced to hold public office for his lapse in upholding #Línea12.” Will be disqualified from,” Lily Tellez told Claudia Sheinbaum by L12.

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The Pan senator’s warning was a response to a report that Sheinbaum shared on the care of victims and progress in rehabilitation work on the “Golden Line” a year after the tragedy.