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Liguila: Fernando Ortiz highlights his team’s “hues…” Larcamn regrets arbitration

2022-05-15 04:16:29 Fernando Ortiz leads the US to the semi-finals after three straight eliminations in the quarter @OrtizTano After reaching…

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2022-05-15 04:16:29
Fernando Ortiz led the AmiFernando Ortiz leads the US to the semi-finals after three straight eliminations in the quarter @OrtizTano

After reaching the semi-finals of Clausura 2022, America’s coach Fernando Ortiz highlighted the personality of his players to withstand the pressure of a veteran Puebla, who never missed a match and managed to reach the semi-finals, three consecutive eliminations. After in the quarter finals.

I am not surprised by the quality of the players. Forgive the blows we had in the first half and the second half ever since I got on the court, I’ve got great ‘ball’ players, they’ve come out of adversity, in tough conditions, I am Proud and happy to have such players.”

ferdinand ortizo

The Argentine coach denied that the game against Puebla was his best night: “That was when they named me coach of the Americas.” However this afternoon, “Tano” left the field to applause by the Azteca public.

The United States advanced to the semi-finals after beating Puebla 3–2 in the fourth round. the end of

“The most important thing is communication, then talking about the ups and downs, it’s part of the game, a tough series was won against an opponent who deserves his respect,” he said. However, he admitted that he still does not know whether to stay with the team for the next tournament and recalled that his appointment is interim coach.

“I never put limits on players, I know they can give a lot, they understood where to go, each one will have their own game, in the video I showed Diego and all the offensive players, I told him Said they had to move on. They went and they got it, we’re going to move slowly with peace of mind”, he concluded at the post-game press conference.

For his part, Puebla’s coach, Nicolas Larcamane, questioned Fernando Guerrero’s arbitrariness because, according to his criteria, a foul by Alejandro Zendejas required an expulsion.

“Undoubtedly we feel affected by an obvious mistake, someone analyzes the rules and I don’t understand it. Why don’t they say it? Knowing it’s a tough place, getting a player out of America Take it out. Like players fail and coaches, sometimes it’s up to the referee,” he explained.

Larkman referred to a setback involving Zendejas, which could have ended in a red card for the US midfielder in the first half and changed the course of the game.

Arbitration, what can I say, I think it should speak to journalists, I see zendejas, I see penalties, it’s hard for me to understand, it’s like that, sometimes the referee’s mistakes are part of the human mistake, we had to bear the brunt”

Nicholas Larkmani

Regarding his future, the Puebla coach stated that he expected to continue with the La Franza team, despite the fact that there are other teams interested in his services.

“I am very clear, I still have a contract, I believe I want to be in charge of the team, I want to be in charge of the team for another tournament, I have a commitment to the group and to the people, the most important The thing is that Puebla continues to develop. A year ago I had problems with the project, with the identity, with the payroll. Today we consolidated the project, ”he concluded.