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Letter from Beyond. – Tom Seaver to Buck Showalter

Coral Gables, Fla. (VIP-wire). Friend Buck…: Such is life! “When the sickness is diarrhea, the green guavas are useless”…”The one…

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Coral Gables, Fla. (VIP-wire). Friend Buck…: Such is life! “When the sickness is diarrhea, the green guavas are useless”…”The one who belongs to the priest goes to church”…”Everything happens, everything happens, even the prunes as well”. They’re popular old Castilian sayings, but they get in the hair in baseball. Because, when someone is doing well, everything is so that he goes on well.

You already know I’m in this Beyond Here, what you call Beyond, from August 31, 2020. But I want to write to you about our Mets, friend Buck. They have been very fortunate since their inception in 1962. When I joined the team in 1967, I was told of the adventure of the first owner, widowed Joan Whitney Payson.

Besides being a good fan of the ball, she needed to do something to reduce the amount she paid in taxes, as she was a millionaire. She had the Mets, a new franchise, thinking she would lose money and help her fight taxes. But no, tickets were packed, publicity was abundant and Mrs. Payson was more in agreement with the IRS. Well, now, 60 years after they were founded, and with you on top, the Mets are as fortunate as ever to be outdone. And I warn you that I in no way deny your intelligent quality as a manager. Of course, being first in the division these days has a lot to do with your valuable managerial work.

But you and I know that no matter how much knowledge a manager has, no matter how much quality the players perform, the partnership of good fortune is always necessary. My dear William Nathaniel “Buck” Showalter III, Your Mets’ record, 19-9, easier than seconds, Marlin, 13-14, partly a feat of good luck. Our Mets scored seven runs in the ninth inning to beat the Phillies 8-7, because there are good hitters on the roster, because the team has a winning spirit, because the manager directed well, because the Philadelphia bullpen collapsed and because Good luck protected him.

Seven races to the last chance, one to win!
Starling Marte, Francisco Lindor, Pete Alonso, Mark Canha, JD Davis, Brandon Nemo with the bat.

It had been 25 years since the Mets were doing something like this.
And they will continue to win, because they are a very good team, because they have an excellent manager and because good luck helps them a lot.

Cheers Buddy Buck… you friend Tom.
Thank you for the life that has given me so much, even to a reader like you.
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