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If some are anti-national then they are going to accuse patriots? Floreston. President López Obrador made a series of revelations…

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If some are anti-national then they are going to accuse patriots? Floreston.

President López Obrador made a series of revelations yesterday that position him as the regional operative that conditions his presence in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua at next month’s summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. And it is not a question of demarcating the differences between the presidents of Mexico and the presidents of the United States. As a reporter I observed when Luis Echeveria (1970–76) recognized the government of the People’s Republic of China in 1972 before Richard Nixon; For differences between Jose López Portillo (1976–82) and Jimmy Carter for supporting the Sandinistas in Nicaragua: Miguel de la Madrid (1982–1988) and between Ronald Reagan and Contadora; To Carlos Salinas with Bill Clinton: Felipe Calderón with Barack Obama for arms smuggling, or to those of Enrique Pea Nieto who canceled two of Donald Trump’s visits.

This relationship has always been like this, neighbors, what happens in the neighborhood.

But I must point out that López Obrador’s position today will have to pay a great price for leading a regional boycott of the summit that does not invite Joe Biden to the dictators of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela in the tiniest of moments. Who has kept a distant silence saying: Leave him alone.

I understand that López Obrador doesn’t go to Los Angeles, nothing happens, like nothing happens if that summit is cancelled, which won’t be cancelled.
But it is another thing to lead a blockade against the project of the President of the United States of America whose bill will be passed on to us because it is not one thing and another to promote boycotts and all three dictators.


1. Doctor.- Dr. Fernando Gabilondo Navarro, a noted former director of the National Institute of Nutrition, called the president’s statement a lie that there were no specialists for whom he had hired 500 Cuban doctors. He told me that INSABI is a failure just like IMSS-Wellness. He criticized Cuba’s purchase of vaccines that have not passed Phase 3 for Mexican children and reiterated that drug shortages remain a crisis;

2. Abuse. Expert María Lariva accused Viktor Hernández Sandoval of selling the viability of the Benito Juárez and Felipe Angels airports to then-president-elect López Obrador, and that is why he appointed him director of SENEAM until this Friday, when he was sacked. given. In this national security case, Hernandez Sandoval faces several charges that could land him in prison.

3. Airplane.- Reuters revealed that the space occupied by a DEA aircraft at Toluca Airport since the 1990s was annexed by the federal government. The existence of that plane was secret and now its removal too. The point is to let the federal government explain why it was there for years and why it’s blown away now.
See you tomorrow, but alone.

lead the boycott now

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