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Laureate de Mola Interjet Partner and 4T . shows the relationship between

Mexico. – Journalist Carlos Loret de Mola demonstrated the alleged relationship between 4T and Alejandro del Valle, a partner at…

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Mexico. – Journalist Carlos Loret de Mola demonstrated the alleged relationship between 4T and Alejandro del Valle, a partner at InterjetWho was recently arrested on charges of family violence and child abuse.

In her column published on May 10, 2022, Lorette de Mola reviews the career of Alejandro del Valle in politicsAs the businessman went on to operate a call center for PRI member Arturo Montiel Collaborate with Marcelo Ebrard in his presidential aspirations.

“A suspicious businessman – who knew how to get into the National Palace and who until recently” In line with the presidential aspirations of Foreign Minister Ebrard– was detained at Mexico City airport,” he wrote. INTERJET PARTNER INFORMATION,

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The journalist reported that, while working for Arturo Montiel, who was then a PRI candidate for governor of the state of Mexico, Del Valle was in charge of conducting the surveyPromote their programs and develop campaign structures.

Then he knew how to “enter 4T” through Murray Senator Gabriel García, who had been AMLO’s financial operator for years and commanded 20,000 “servants of the nation”. so the merchant changed “A Well-known Face” at the National Palace,

,Del Valle knew how to get into 4T. His entrance was Morenista Senator Gabriel García.The financial operator of López Obrador was for years (…) a well-known face in the corridors of the National Palace.”

Lorette de Mola explained that thanks to this support in 4T Interjet partner reaches Ministry of External Affairs (SRE), where in 2020 it received a contract to provide consular line service, attention to countrymen and implementation of programs for Mexicans abroad.

Alejandro del Valle was already in prison for fraud. He is now in custody on charges of family violence and abuse. Photo: FGJCDMX

I confirm that “Moulded” with Gabriel Garcia and Marcelo Ebrard del Valle Via The Idea of ​​”Banking Mexican in the United States” Welfare Bankwhich was managed by the Senator of Murray and in which the businessman would be a beneficiary occupying the remittances.

“Del Valle was going to be a beneficiary of the remittance collection project because deposits would pass through his “remittance” company before reaching Banco del Bianstar, and at that scale it could benefit from financial float and exchange rates,” he explained. .

Although Welfare Bank was a “failure”, as well as the project to bankrupt the countrymen. Later, Alejandro del Valle partners with Interjet and Radiopolisand ended in Fraud charge in jailWhich didn’t stop him from rejoining 4T upon leaving, until he was arrested again, this time alleging family violence and abuse,

“Del Valle became a partner of Interjet and Radiopolis, ended up in prison for fraud in that operation, managed to get out, transferred to 4T and was arrested again four days ago, now for sexual abuse and domestic violence was accused of.”

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Loret revealed that during the 2021 elections, the Del Valle Call Center surveyed the campaigns of seven Morenoit candidates in the nation’s states: Evelyn Salgado (Guerrero), Alfonso Durazo (Sonora), Victor Castro (Baja California Sur), Miguel ngel Navarru (Nayarit), Rubén Rocha Moya (Sinaloa), Alfredo Ramírez Bedola (Michoacán) and Leda Sansores (Campeche).

After the election process, he also came to work for Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, conducting a digital survey to measure his popularity in the presidential race, assured the journalist. Latinas,