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Laura Londono conquers her career as an actress

Madrid. Colombian actress Laura Londoo, star of the series “Cafe con Aroma de Mujer”, defends that her country has “many…

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Madrid. Colombian actress Laura Londoo, star of the series “Cafe con Aroma de Mujer”, defends that her country has “many faces” and believes that after the 2016 peace deal, Colombian “They are learning to live together while respecting differences.”

In an interview with EFE on his way to Madrid, where he was appointed country brand ambassador of Colombia, the interpreter pauses to analyze the development of Colombian society Signing of agreements as well as the status of women in the world of fantasy.

He is clear that it will take time for his country to reach a reconciliation after more than 50 years of armed conflict, which, despite peace agreements with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), remains open with other guerrilla groups.

“For true reconciliation, it will take longer, everything flourishes if you put it under the rug, it comes out, so you have to take the job seriously,” he says.

Similarly, Londoo believes that, following the state’s agreement with the FARC, “society has changed” as well as the “image of Colombia” abroad.

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a country where everyone fits

Londoo believes that “Colombian society has opened doors to recognize that everyone fits in with their differences.”

“From that moment on, we were all very clearly laid out on the issue of what is peace and what is forgiveness, whether or not we can forgive, whether or not we are ready to do it,” he says.

“We are understanding that we all should and can stay together while respecting our differences,” he adds.

Regarding the upcoming elections on the 29th, he regrets that it is creating a lot of polarization, something “that is not good for anyone”, but he understands that it is “a reflection that something very big is about to change.” Going to do”.

Woman-scented coffee, a global success

International Geneva, an important center of multilateralism, is facing unprecedented challenges.

The interpreter, who is overjoyed and satisfied with the success of “Café con Aroma de Mujer” in several countries, believes that the project “reveals the beautiful faces of Colombia” and that “it is a A showcase of her beauty.”

“It seems unfair to me that we see only that face of our country – of violence – that is real, but we have others, infinite, wonderful, fantastic, unique, we are passionate, happy, folkloric, which gives Colombia so much.” Magical country.”, he defends.

In that sense, he assures that the South American country has “a magic and a level of charm that no one can describe” and says: “one goes, sees it, lives it and understands it”.

Regarding Colombian stories that can still be told to the world, the actress is clear that those related to drug trafficking “will continue to be told” because they are part of “what is” Colombia.

“As the Germans will continue to tell the story of the Nazis, as we must not forget, but we have many figures, great musicians, Athletes, painters, whose stories can be told”, he insisted.

“Magical and Wonderful” Stories: “We have the Nobel Prizes for Literature, Peace… Too many stories, too many clothes to cut and to show the world what we are.”

Gender Gap, a reality in fiction

The actress and singer recalls that while working on “La le del Corazon”, a series that made her more recognizable in Colombia, she had an uncomfortable episode when she tried to collect more money than her co-star. asked for

“When I did the first season they offered me X money, which wasn’t much, but it was fine, and I wanted to do it yes or yes, and when they called me for another I didn’t feel like doing it. Well, I put some conditions and a higher payment”, remember.

Said payment means charging a little more than his male partner and according to him, the makers of the series refused to accept those terms.

“He told me it wouldn’t be fair and I thought oh, but then it was fair that he made more than twice as much as I did in the first season,” he criticizes.

Londono then did not budge from his position and the producers went looking for another actress to play the same character: “They didn’t find any, they called me back and they accepted the terms.”

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“There were all the men calling me, they were chatting, and they didn’t find it very funny that I was standing in that position, it’s a huge reality that I fight so much, it’s time, it has to be done.” ,” he concluded.

Alfaro agrees to support the Vicarians moving towards the National Palace.