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last wanda derby

meeting between Atletico Madrid And this real madrid At 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 8, it may be the last…

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meeting between Atletico Madrid And this real madrid At 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 8, it may be the last at the Metropolitan Stadium with the Chinese company’s business name. After five years, the sponsorship ends, although it may continue temporarily due to some clauses. Many companies want to make acquisitions. There are proposals to put the name of the metropolis already on the table.

Wanda is not a shareholder

settlement of Metropolitan The relationship between the Chinese company and the Rosiblanco club ends at a very different time. Wanda is no longer a shareholder of Atletico. In February 2018, he sold his stake, which was reduced to 17%, to the Israeli conglomerate Quantum Pacific Group, which came to control 32% of the shareholding.

dry grass proposals At the table and Atlético de Madrid studies them in detail. It’s not an easy decision, as something as important as the name of your household is at stake. Which fans used to visit the venue every time their team played. get space for Champions The next season is essential for its financial purposes, although UEFA does not take into account stadium sponsors in its campaigns.

It is not yet known which companies are applying for acquisition from the Chinese firm. Various media have reported that crypto asset platforms whalefinOwned by the international conglomerate Amber Group, the front of the shirt may feature an option of Israeli investment platform Plus500.

10 million per season

Chinese conglomerateIncluding a real estate business, a commercial empire with more than 400 locations between shopping centers and hotels, more than 600 cinemas and sports investments in companies such as Infront (marketing and sports broadcasting) or Evertop, the naming rights acquired in 2017 16 Atletico’s new stadium was inaugurated on September 2017.

therefore wanda He was a shareholder of Atlético de Madrid, on whose board he joined in February 2015 with an investment of 45 million euros for the club’s 20% title. Just two years after that operation, it became known that his name would be added to the new stadium.

Wanda has paid 10 million euros per season to Atletico de Madrid

agreement with the amount of €10 million Per season, according to various sources, it lasted five campaigns, which will end at the end of 2021–22, and include Atlético’s sports town in Mazdahonda, west of Madrid, where the men’s first team trains, and Alcala de Henares.

“This set an interesting precedent, as Spain has very little tradition of marketing stadiums,” he analyzes. Ray de Luis BezoSports and entertainment specialist, founder of the strategic consulting firm The Connect.

new crypto market

Although his debut was not “of a commercial brand to use” as Wanda was already a shareholder of the club, his arrival in Metropolitano was associated with a wave. Chinese capital to international football. “Big Chinese companies were investing heavily in international football as a way to bring back the knowledge. And that phase is over,” Baez says.

“The global sponsorship market is being capitalized by several categories, especially the crypto/blockchain/NFT market. Therefore, it is easy to understand that this category will probably be the one that will gain the most prominence in the naming industry”, he explains. . Oscar Iranzocommercial directors of the media and sports sector, who say, for example, Staples Center of Los Angeles, which Crypto.com will designate for $700 million for 20 years.