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lamps illuminate doubts

Mazatlán’s municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, with the agreement of all members of Cabildo, agreed to the most logical…

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Mazatlán’s municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, with the agreement of all members of Cabildo, agreed to the most logical and sound thing that could be done in relation to a direct contract for 400.8 million pesos, which the Mazatlán company would do. Signed with Azteca Lighting. There are a lot of doubts surrounding this case which suggest irregularities and possible corruption. Firstly, there is the fact that the contract has not been put up for tender and with this, the company has been awarded five direct contracts for the purchase of 2,139 luminaires, each costing more than approximately 177,000 pesos. The payments agreed between the two parties are multi-yearly, which will be settled with the next municipal administration. According to research conducted by the Citizens Observatory, this would be the costliest direct award made in city council history. It refers that the contract was made without a market study, which constitutes a potential irregularity.

more doubts. The fact that neither the city council secretary, Edgar González, nor the legal representative, Claudia Magdalena Cárdenas Diaz, have signed the agreement that authorizes the purchase of 2,139 UFO model LED lamps from Azteca Lighting Company, has led to several and raised doubts. , The official says that he did not sign the minutes as he was not in the session concerned. But the officer was skeptical because, in interviews conducted during this week, she told the media that she was not even aware of the matter and would launch an investigation.
What kind of penance? If Morenot Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres has made anything clear in his second municipal administration, it’s that he doesn’t believe much in Republican austerity. There are many examples of this: its increasingly popular festivals, concerts and performances by the Treasury, monthly trips to other states or overseas, and promotional expenses. For example, for the next international tourism Tianguis, it has decided to separate Mazatlán from the state promotional program and pay for a specific module for Mazatlán’s launch. This will cost the treasury 2.5 million pesos, not counting the cost of shellfish they plan to pay to the authorities and tour operators (hopefully) who participate in the event.

dangerous mistake, Do you know how your municipal government is preparing for this summer to face severe drought across Sinaloa? Well neither are we. Clearly, municipalities are relying on the support announced by Conagua to aid the population, which goes no further than providing some pipes to bring water to the most affected communities. The municipalities of southern Sinaloa, for the most part, lack not only the equipment and resources to assist the population, but also a contingency plan, despite the constant warnings of an emergency that may already follow residents. .

lamps illuminate doubts

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