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Know which administrator you are registered with

loss Mexican employees that they find in a formal labor place, that they have the benefits and institutions that present…

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loss Mexican employees that they find in a formal labor place, that they have the benefits and institutions that present them as workers, tools that allow them to access a respectable and better quality of life is one of these services Access to social security, home loanAs well as a retirement savings fund.

Retirement fund administrators (formerly) are financial institutions that are in charge of looking after and managing the money that you as an employee are saving for the time in which you end your termIn an agreement, the government, your employer and you allot a percentage to yourself. saving accountfor the return time.

However, to gain access to the money that you have saved as a worker, you must know whether Ahead You are registered for National Commission on Retirement Savings System (Consar) Specifies how the income we contribute is integrated into the system.

Contribution not 100% dependent of you and your salary. natural structure of The first is 6.5% of your basic salary and is divided as follows:

  • 5.5% Pattern
  • 0.225% Federal Government
  • 1.125% workers

The percentage of voluntary contribution depends on each worker. It should be noted that it is important to know in which Ahead Your resources have been found because you are charged generate commissions and returns To take care of your money, so you should choose the institution that best suits your needs, you should also know that you can change your Afore whenever you decide.

From the first moment an employee starts contributing to IMSS or ISSSTEThe Eat determines one Ahead Automatically, but as we already mentioned, if you want to change the administrator, you can do it, although it can only be done once a year.

If you don’t know which one you’ve registered before because you didn’t choose one, you have the following options to find out that information:

  • by calling Sartel: 55 1328-5000
  • going online www.e-sar.com.mx
  • Downloading the AforeMóvil App

When doing this question you will be asked:

  • Social Security Number (SSN) In case of having IMSS
  • count of E-mail Where do you want to get information?

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These data are necessary so that you know the administrator who is in charge of your resources, it is important that you know what the commission is and the returns generated by your Afore. Whether you live or not make your change, remember that the benefits will be for you on your own time. job retirement.

PRI proposes to reduce the period for receiving retirement funds to 15 years

Know which administrator you are registered with

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