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Jose Mourinho attacks arbitration against Fiorentina

Jose Mourinho was once again angry at the referee’s decisions, because Roma Serie A was defeated 2–0 by Fiorentina on…

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Jose Mourinho was once again angry at the referee’s decisions, because Roma Serie A was defeated 2–0 by Fiorentina on Monday on match day 36. Gialorosi was hurt by an early penalty awarded to him, as Nico Gonzalez and Giacomo Bonaventura scored in the first 11 minutes to send the team on a winning path. in Florence.

morinho After the game assured, it looked like Fiorentina had more energy tonight. Is this the only reason behind this defeat? “Explanation … we are now waiting for clarifications for several games and we do not have one. Today there are two clarifications. One is that, after Thursday’s game [en la Europa Conference League] We didn’t have the energy, either mentally or physically. We always knew it would be a tiny difference compared to a team that had been preparing for this game for a week.

“But I also need an explanation [oficial del VAR] Mr Bunty of Livorno, not far from here. [El penalti] It is a touch, but not a foul, and the referee there awarded no penalty. No problem for VAR, but Mr Bunty lost the weight anyway.

Serie A/EFE . Jose Mourinho directing the match for AS Roma in

“If we’re talking about three points today, we can stop there. I would say that, apart from Bunty’s penalty, Fiorentina was stronger than us tonight, they played with a different energy and pace and more Looked focused. They deserved to win,” he said. morinho After the defeat of Rome.

“But the problem is that we are not talking about only three points today, we are talking about Venezia, Bologna and many, many other episodes where no explanation was given. Where is Mr. Bunty now? ? Coverscene? Milan? I don’t know where the VAR is, but why have they called a referee like Guida, who was 10 meters away from him and saw in person that it wasn’t a penalty, to look again? Why? It Those are the answers we want and don’t get.”

“Yeah, we got to a final that took a toll on me mentally and emotionally, and it’s hard to put you behind a city like this quickly. Roma And a club like Roma. But we have a league season to play and what is happening with this team is too much.

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Roma De Jose Mourinho will play the final of the UEFA Conference League next Wednesday, 25 May against Feyenoord of the Netherlands, while a league March finished sixth with 59 points, placed last which tickets to European competitions.

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