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Joe Biden says inflation will be his priority

United States.- President Joe Biden confirmed this Tuesday that inflation It is his “top domestic priority” in a speech where…

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United States.- President Joe Biden confirmed this Tuesday that inflation It is his “top domestic priority” in a speech where he outlined his plan to cut prices, which included no new measures, while vexed by criticism.

Biden He spoke to the White House about inflation in an election-critical intervention ahead of the close of legislative elections next November, where it is possible that Democrats lose control of both chambers of Congress.

“Our economy is moving beyond recovery and I want all Americans to know that I am taking inflation Very seriously and this is my top domestic priority,” the President said.

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Hopefully tomorrow, Wednesday’s figures inflation In line with the month of April, which analysts expect to be equal to or even higher than March, when the rate was 8.5%, the highest since 1981.

faced criticism from his administration for inflationOf course, Biden said that “they have a point, we control all three branches of government, although, well, not really. We’re 50-50 in the Senate and we need 60 votes to get the job done.” “

Biden pointed out that the two main reasons for the shortage are the pandemic, which has affected the supply chain, and Russian invasion of Ukraine Due to which the prices of petrol and food items have increased.

The president stressed that these two factors have a “global nature”, with which they have influenced many countries.

He then listed the measures his government had taken to reduce inflation and supported the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) decision to raise it by half a point, the biggest increase in two decades.

Biden He recalled his initiative to raise taxes on the richest and largest corporations, among others; As well as his decision to increase national oil production and release crude oil from national strategic reserves at lower energy prices.

In this sense, he criticized Republicans for “increasing taxes on middle-class families” and exempting billionaires and large companies, in addition to putting “no single solution” on the table to reduce taxes on them. charged up. prices.

Biden specifically noted problems in the supply chain and assured that, just as he has been able to solve some of those difficulties, he depends on Congressional approval for any initiatives to be carried out, and Blamed again for blocking conservatives. Proposal

The presidency was particularly harsh with supporters of his predecessor, former President Donald Trump (2017-2021), who is still the most popular figure among Republicans, whom he described as a “maga ultras” in America. make it great”. (Make America Great Again), which was one of the campaign slogans of the former president.

“Americans now have a choice between two paths that reflect very different values,” Biden insisted.

He explained that he proposes a path that would reduce inflation and reduce costs for workers, raising their wages, reducing deficits, and allowing “the big corporations and the richest Americans to pay their fair share of the economy.” advocates increasing it.”

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“The other path is the MAGA Ultra plan, presented by Republicans in Congress to raise taxes on working families,” warned Biden, who warned that conservative health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid would be at risk, and that Benefit will be the richest

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