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Jenica Lopez before and after her cosmetic surgery

United States. – Influencer Jennifer LopezSinger Jenny Rivera’s youngest daughter, who died in 2012, shared via her social network a…

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United States. – Influencer Jennifer LopezSinger Jenny Rivera’s youngest daughter, who died in 2012, shared via her social network a short video in which she shows How has been her drastic physical transformation after undergoing a beauty procedure? to look better.

young women Had cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin from her body She shared every detail after she lost weight and in a video published through her YouTube account, a space she takes advantage of to share details about her life and some makeup tutorials.

Jennifer Lopez Surprised everyone with impressive physical transformation And the comments about it did not take long to come. In just a few hours the publication is full of support and positive words, which exceeds 83 thousand responses.

It must be remembered that Jenny Rivera’s daughter has always been a plus-size woman, however, this did not stop her from showing off her physique and being more self-confident, which made her a great inspiration to other women. Those who have big body.

By taking a look at a makeup influencer’s Instagram profile, you can appreciate her good taste in fashion and the confidence with which she models each outfit, making them look great on her.

During a YouTube video explaining her experience, Jenika revealed that what she did was for herself and not because of criticism about her physique or what others thought. Similarly, she declared that it was her older sister Chiquis who was always looking for her and would not leave her at any point.

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