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Jaliff proposes that the United States help Chiapas in addition to Central America

Mexico. – Geopolitical Analyst Alfredo Jalif-Rahme said that the United States’ aid to Central America should include ChiapasoThe state of…

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Mexico. – Geopolitical Analyst Alfredo Jalif-Rahme said that the United States’ aid to Central America should include ChiapasoThe state of Mexico is most affected by mass migration, while criticizing the US government’s reluctance to provide resources.

in your weekly capsule geopolitical radar Published on May 2, 2022, Alfredo Jaliff highlights that Chiapas has been “abandoned” and “whipped” by the wave of migration.To which he insisted that the United States government should allocate resources to the Mexican state as well as the countries of Central America to deal with this problem.

,And don’t forget that the south of Chiapas, Mexico is abandoned and that aid needs to be boosted. -If it does, because every day I see it further away from the United States- Chiapaso is also included in Central America.Which has been the most affected state by this mass migration,” Jalif-Rahme said.

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The academic also criticized the US government for not contributing more money to support Central America and reducing migrant flows, a proposal that has been promoted by the president. Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorwho have emphasized the importance of fighting poverty and violence to prevent migration from their neighboring country to the north.

He criticized that the United States “does a lot about nothing” and that even the government Mexico allocates more support to Central America than the White Houseand confirmed that this was to be discussed by the Chancellor during his recent visit to Washington Marcelo Ebrardwho met with the US Secretary of State and National Security, Antony Blinken You alexander meyerkasrespectively.

“I saw Marcelo travel to Washington to look at the migration issue properly, along with Mayerkas, the national security officer, and Antony Blinken. This famous aid to Central America that doesn’t come, a lot of blah blah blah, a lot of noise and some crazyHow can it be that Mexico is contributing more money to the countries of Central America than the United States?” questioned Alfredo Jaliffe.

What happened on Ebrard’s trip to the USA?

It was last Tuesday, May 3, when Marcelo Ebrard met with Mayerkas and Blinken in Washington, a meeting that ended with differences in approach to immigration, because when The United States insists on strengthening the borderMexico emphasizes the need to create jobs in Central America.

,Let’s make a significant investment in Central America, We have been saying this for four years and so far it has not been done,” the Foreign Affairs Secretary (SRE) insisted.

government so far Mexico has invested about $100 million in social programs for Central America, while the US government announced an agreement with private companies for an investment of $1.2 billion.

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The Mexican foreign minister explained that he proposed to his American counterparts to convene a “convention” to coordinate investments of Mexico and the United States for Central America, an initiative he assured was well received.

Instead, where there was no possible agreement, Mexico’s request was that no country be excluded from the US summit, as the United States refused to invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.