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Jacob premiered his new song “Rebota” in Mexico

Yakuza arrived in Mexico with all the Cuban flow with him New Single “Bounce”, a dance theme dedicated to the…

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Yakuza arrived in Mexico with all the Cuban flow with him New Single “Bounce”, a dance theme dedicated to the style that we all get when we are on the dance floor. The subject is already on the digital platform and Brother Titan and Brian GHe hopes that it will get a good response from the public.

“We are overjoyed to be able to showcase our latest content as it is just the beginning of the fulfillment of many dreams,” said the talented duo.

“Rebota” is a song produced by La Creación and composed by Titan and Brian G; Among the rhythms we can hear, Dimbo stands out, The song has its own video clip, available on the digital platform, which was filmed at La Creacion Studios in Cuba; The video is directed by Mechu Recvolucxion.

Los Yakuza They are preparing for their next productions, including their trip to Mexico, as well as to other Latin American countries.

We would like to thank our Mexican fans for all the support we have received. We really want to be with you to continue enjoying and streaming Cuban music together.

Titan and Brian G From a young age he showed interest in singing in music, school and family events. “We are brothers, we have known each other for life and music has brought us even closer, hence the name of both, as it is synonymous with brotherhood and loyalty.”

Among his greatest achievements are:

  • “Que Viva Shango” has garnered over 1,300,000 views on YouTube and over 100,000 views on Spotify.
  • “Rebota”, garnered over a million views on YouTube and over 200 thousand views on Spotify.
  • “Pompeii”, has over a million views on YouTube.
  • “Amiga”, with over a million on YouTube.
  • “If tomorrow we repeat”, more than 400 thousand replicas on Spotify.

right now The single “Empingao” is playing all over Cuba.Already on Spotify more than 200 thousand replicas.

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They have been sheltered in the urban genre due to musical influences from artists such as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Hector y Tito, Los Van Van, Chacal and Gente de Jona. “He is an inspiration to us, as we see his discipline and dedication to achieve our goals, we want him to listen to us and be an example of struggle and perseverance, because that is what keeps us firm in each of our dreams. is”.

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