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Ivaluna Montaner and Camilo’s daughter only uses cloth diapers

Argentina.- It was in early April when the singers Ivaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeveri welcome their firstbornwhich he decided to…

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Argentina.- It was in early April when the singers Ivaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeveri welcome their firstbornwhich he decided to name Indigo, a very special name for both. Since then, he has devoted himself exclusively to enjoying it away from work commitments.

However, after several weeks of silence and away from social networks, Riccardo Montaner’s daughter shared a video of her husband walking in the courtyard of their home with their child, thus marking his official return to the public eye .

In the pictures you can see Camilo Echeveri walking with his daughter in his arms while he starts dancing to entertain her and promote what will be her next single. Cloth blankets and four diapers can be seen in the background.Cloth too, making it clear that she has made an important decision regarding the upbringing of her child.

This is how Ivaluna Montaner and her husband made it clear that they decided that their daughter should only use eco-friendly or reusable diapers, which are not a novelty at all, as many little ones today use them and their The biggest advantage is that they don’t cause it. Irritation or harm to the child. Eco-friendly, unlike disposable.

People who want to live an eco-friendly life prefer to use such diapers and, as is known, the couple always wants to take care of the planet and have found the right solution in their case.

According to experts, it can take up to 500 years for a disposable diaper to biodegrade, making them a real problem for the environment. Nowadays, reusable ones are more modern and easier to use than before, with all kinds of accessories to facilitate their use.

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