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It was this emotional tribute to Diego Maradona that got all the guests standing, applauding and moving Vero Ojeda – people online

And finally the big day has arrived: today Martin Fierro Awards, the main prize that highlights the most important productions…

By admin , in news , at May 16, 2022

And finally the big day has arrived: today Martin Fierro Awards, the main prize that highlights the most important productions of Argentine television. with driving marley and the presence of great personalities, the celebration will bring together 650 guests for an unforgettable night Hotel Hilton Buenos Aires,

One of the most anticipated moments of the night was the tribute Diego armando maradonawithout a doubt, death Of “daizu“was one of Arrangement plus excellent in recent years and it’s something that Martin fiero could not rememberfor all that Diego He also gave Argentine television and the great happiness left in his hometown.

It all started when Markle paid tribute to Maradona: “Let’s remember the most important Argentine statue ever. He filled us with joy on and off the field, He made us laugh and crysaid the presenter, when the iconic images began to pass Valeria to slaughter showcased its classic theme”you give me more every day“And each picture inspired the audience more and more.

When the song ended, all the audience went crazy and started shouting slogans.Ole Ole Ole Ole, Diego, Diego …“, something that even reached Susannah Jimenez’s table, the diva didn’t hesitate for a second to stand up and applaud for Ten.

Valeria, overjoyed, expressed her happiness at being invited to sing in the tribute: “A pleasure, when I was invited to this tribute, did not hesitate a second, so Diego wished all of us Argentines Diya, it’s a great pleasure with everyone here Argentina is with you”, and then stopped “it was the greatest,

The great absence of the night, Dalma Maradona, who was not invited to Martin Fierros

On the other end, is from maradona, dalmaexpressed himself in this regard for not being invited to Martin Fierro: “Hello everyone, they’re driving me crazy asking if I’m going to Martin Fierro because supposedly they’re paying tribute to my dad. My friend Gabriel Schultz doesn’t understand how we weren’t invited, but needless to say who organizes it, we’ll never be invited“, he expressed.

,Don’t worry. If they’re invited and it sounds right to me, we’re going to be represented very well by them. We don’t have to go everywhere all the time“, concluded the daughter of ten. . more information on



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