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It was difficult to make my way in the business world: Alina Benitez

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.—”I’m not entirely convinced that women should demand, fight for a place because they are women, nor because…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa.—”I’m not entirely convinced that women should demand, fight for a place because they are women, nor because of the reason we get a 50 percent quota; instead, yes because Our effort and ability to reach the goal or climb up a notch is recognized.”

This is business and life philosophy Cleofas Elina Benitez Ibarrasa woman who is making her way into food industry And what went from offering its products 35 years ago on a meter to one meter table in your home, today has two cooking schools, three food and culinary utensils stores and a cafe distributed in the cities of Los Mochis and Culiacán, Sinaloa. There is restaurant. ,

How easy or difficult was it to make your way into the business world as a woman?

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It was difficult for me. In my beginning there were times when customers were skeptical whether I was going to fulfill an order; It was also not easy to enter the business rooms dominated by the male gender and I had to break the taboos around the fact that “my husband allowed me to work”. However, over time and with discipline, this situation turned into the trust of men and women towards me.

At that time you were already married with children. How was the combination of both the roles?

Fortunately, I have always had the support of my husband, Ramon López Batiz, who has been my accountant from the beginning. She was calm because, after coming from her job in Guasave, she was devoted to the family business. My kids also participated and I paid them for the packaging of the products they made. I didn’t give them money to clean or do the dishes, as that was part of our activities at home, but I did give them money for the work they did for the business.

What is the role of women in the business sector?

It is competitive. Many times we find that most of the people who are in charge of companies are men, and our role is to knock on doors and make our work shine, sometimes even more so than men, in order to be recognized.

So based on your own experience, do you struggle to enter the business world?

Yes, in the world of men, women will always find it difficult to move on, but I do not agree that they should give us or ask for space because we are women. Many a times we fight, we fight for 50 percent quota, and I totally don’t agree with this fight, that it should be like this. My fight is for my effort, my ability to identify, and not only mine, but of any person, whether man or woman, because there can be men of greater potential than women or, conversely, of greater potential. Women can be men. My fight is to recognize my potential without gender discrimination.

There are women out there who are as concerned about entrepreneurship as you did 35 years ago, what do you recommend?

That they contact Canasintra, Coppermax, Canaco Chambers, to take advantage of the experience of people who have already traveled these paths to guide them in the right direction in their personal projects. But not only women, but also men and youth who have a project to promote. Owned by the Commission for Industrial Women of Canacintra, the Los Mochis delegation, which I recently assumed, will look primarily at women, but also the ability and willingness to work, of the men and young people participating.

Who else makes up the commission?

Aurora Alcantara in education and association with universities is Castro; And among the young industrialists, Ana Paula Ahumada López. This is great because these 35 years of experience in the industrial sector would have connected me with youth and technology for the benefit of the sector and with an important platform like Canasintra and established support.

Any advice for entrepreneurs, for those already involved in buying and selling activity?

I recommend that you be vigilant and stay within the law, because living within the law is one way to fight corruption, from our trenches. There is no way they will harm you through the treasure. Another piece of advice: don’t trust. My first business was a clothing store, I was doing well, but there came a time when my customers couldn’t pay their debts because I trusted them, and I closed. I lost my business, my customers and my money among friends and family. Do not trust if there are no well established bases.

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Alina Benitez
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*Full name: Cleopas Alina Benítez Ibarra.
*Date and place of birth: September 25, 1948, in Los Mochis, Sinaloa.
*Career: 35 years ago, it began selling food products at a table, and today it has stores in the food area, cooking schools and restaurant cafes. He has tasted Mexico in places like Kuwait and has received many awards for his persistence and commercial success.

Industrial women protest in Los Mochiso

It was difficult to make my way in the business world: Alina Benitez

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