Friday, December 9, 2022
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“It seems that the more blood the NGOs charge the more”

In Mexico, journalists only serve as cannon fodder for NGOs that only benefit from their blood and death, the journalist…

In Mexico, journalists only serve as cannon fodder for NGOs that only benefit from their blood and death, the journalist assured from Guadalajara. Marie Louise Estrada,

During a protest called this afternoon by communicators at the Angel of Independence, the journalist for La Guillotina Política assured that it is more convenient for the protective unions to use violence against the union rather than defending them, as he assured that “such Colleagues seem to bleed more and coworkers charge more and budget more than foreign agendas”.

Similarly, he rebuked for such associations Article 19 Journalists and photojournalists from areas such as Sierras de guerrero, chiapas hey pueblaBecause they are “provincial and we are not rich and we are not enlightened”, as he once told them personally. leopold maldonadoDirector of NGOs in Mexico.

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“Article 19 It seems that the more blood is shed, the more budget comes from abroad, more precisely, from the government. America and of The European Union”, Journalist limited by telephone from the capital of Jalisco via megaphone in Victoria Alada roundabout on Paseo de la Reforma.

However, he did not stop here, as he alleged that in the case of the international organization Reporters Without Borders its holder Balbina Flores This is only to stay away from the budget, as there are many cases of attacks and threats against communicators in which NGOs have done nothing, yet these are well documented.

against the federal government

On the other hand, despite taking the arguments of lopez obradoro That Article 19 could not see Mexican journalists receiving foreign funding, María Luisa Estrada took advantage of her time at Megaphone to condemn acts of harassment Jesus Ramirez CuevasPresidency spokesperson, and Naomi BerrodThe Presidency’s Logistics Director, whom he accused of blocking entry and even crossing the fence outside national palaceThose who are upset by their remarks or criticism of the federal government, in whose position there would be at least 30 journalists who have since received threats, harassment and even one attack.

At this point, he insisted that although López Obrador asked himself to be allowed back in the “morning” after some uncomfortable questioning, Ramírez Cuevas and Beraud still do not allow him, and even That doesn’t even respond to emails.

To this he also added a complaint against the Under Secretary of Human Rights, Ministry of Home Affairs, alexander encinasWho was given a documented journalistic investigation into acts of corruption in the Protection Mechanism for human rights defenders and journalists more than a month ago, as there are many people who get support without a journalist.

In this regard, he elaborated on some of the beneficiaries of the said mechanism, who would not only illegally sell the fuel supplied for the vehicle entrusted to him, but also drive the driver to the store for beer or pick up relatives or friends. Will also send for the cab..

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While the protest was called after the murder of Luis Enrique Ramirez RamosA columnist for El Debate, journalists were reported during the act. Yesenia Molinedo You Sheila Johanna GarciaIn Veracruz, commemorating the 12 communicators killed so far this year.