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It is wrong to insist on alliance with Morena

Kuen is wrong. Remaining an ally of Morena would cause further damage to the Sinalones party. With the resignation of…

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Kuen is wrong. Remaining an ally of Morena would cause further damage to the Sinalones party. With the resignation of its leader and founder Melécio Cuen as health secretary, the PAS will now have to act alone. Cuen is wrong again in announcing that his strategy will be in Mexico City. He mentions what was in place last year’s political alliance with Morena’s national leader, Mario Delgado, and has signed positions that correspond to the PAS if the Morenoites win.

Kuen sin naive again. If you think Delgado will go against Governor Ruben Rocha Moya, you are wrong. If you think that someone else from CEN of Morena will come out in your support, then you are wrong. The Sinalones party and its leader, Melecio Cuen, have already been condemned by Rocha Moya and Morena. therefore? If Kuen, by political strategy, continues to break stones at Murray, he must see that the loss exceeds the gain that can be obtained. He was considered lukewarm in his statements at the press conference presented by Kuen yesterday. Or was it out of fear? Or was it political sense? We do not know.

But to argue that Rocha Moya was already aware of the complaints that had existed since the campaign, one against fellow journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez (which he claims was withdrawn), and another against Tere. Against Guerra, associate columnist and current head of the Secretariat for Women. And that he even discussed the matter with Rocha Moya and that he even sought his support so that he and Guerra could sit down together, the only effect being that the governor once used the circumstance to get rid of his secretary. Was and for all health. It was only the mild position of Kuen that he could see to facilitate his departure from Morena. And he honestly influences them and the PAS politically. And, if not, then at that time.

What will the army think? The President is not displeased with the way criminals have treated military elements. It’s not new. But since he announced since yesterday morning that gang members must be taken care of, “because they are human”, offends any civilian. What the president doesn’t realize is that criminals murder, torture, extort and threaten peaceful civilians. And they don’t get punished. Criminal gangs do not respect the Army, Navy and National Guard as they have been instructed not to harass criminals. The army and navy, Mexico’s most beloved and respected institutions, must do what they are being forced to do today.

Contradiction. The country’s Under Secretary of Security, Ricardo Mejia, assured that the actors of the crime of fellow journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez have already been identified. Prosecutor Sarah Bruna in Sinaloa made it clear that possible consequences should not be expected. Mejia went on to say that “along with the signs, there is no element that would lead us to believe that the murder was linked to his journalistic activity.” Pay attention to what the government is trying to sow. He has already done this with two journalists killed in Veracruz.

It is wrong to insist on alliance with Morena

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