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Issued at Jaramillo Elementary School Los Mochis; mothers give term

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – Only a week’s word was that the mothers of the family In the Jaramillo neighborhood, the…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – Only a week’s word was that the mothers of the family In the Jaramillo neighborhood, the Gabriel M. lopez elementary schoolIn the city of Los Mochis, educational officials and representatives of the area were assigned to solve the problem. lack of air conditioner,

It must be remembered that it was Wednesday, when they decided to take over the campus as they do not have refrigeration service and this has already caused health problems among the students due to the high temperature.

It was this morning when a meeting was held at the facilities of the said campus, where Alejandro Brito Acuna, the head of regional services of Ahom, announced that in addition to the four air conditioners the school had already received, four were waiting for equipment. There are 35 more arrivals, which were stolen and damaged in the previous holiday period.

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“We know that a total of 39 minisplits were stolen, there are eleven that will apparently be resolved to be shipped next week, but the same way we are in communication with ICEF, yesterday an electrical contractor came to do the survey and Already they have shipped it to Culiacan and are waiting for authorization, I hope next week they will authorize the contractor and come to install the mini-splits.”

For her part, Reyna Beltran, the mother of the family, said that summer conditions are already unstable and that children can go to campus in these conditions and with regard to the proposal that they return to the virtual modality, it is also possible No, since many families did not have the conditions to do so.

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So they agreed to give the deadline of next Friday only to get the air conditioning equipment and if the promise is not fulfilled, they will take over the premises again.

“We have a suggestion that schools open so that children can come to class from 8:00 to 10:30 or 11:00, but on condition that we solve the problem of air per room on Fridays. Fan so that On Monday they are already established and the rest of the teams can enter.”

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Issued at Jaramillo Elementary School Los Mochis; mothers give term

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