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Interjet president Alejandro del Valle, to process

Alejandro del Valle, Chairman of the Board of Directors inter jetwas associated with the process Sexual Exploitation against his two…

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Alejandro del Valle, Chairman of the Board of Directors inter jetwas associated with the process Sexual Exploitation against his two minor children and domestic violenceThe Mexico City Attorney General’s Office reported.

The institution stated that with the evidence presented by the prosecutor’s office, a Controlling judge linked the businessman to the processFor their possible involvement in crimes of family violence and serious sexual abuse filed in March and April 2022.

I point out that after the preliminary hearing, the agent of the Public Ministry of the Family Violence Crime Investigation Prosecutor’s Office at the Women’s Justice Center, in pursuance of the general coordination for the investigation of sexual offenses and attention to the victims, framed the relevant charge.

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The judge affirmed the practitioner’s precautionary measure of informal preventive detention imposed at the preliminary hearing, and set a period of one month for the conclusion of the supplementary investigation, fgj cdmx,

according to research, Alexander of the Valley He likely used physical, psycho-emotional and marital violence against the victim and sexual harassment against minors.

Alexander of the Valley Was arrested last Friday at Terminal 2 by agents of the investigative police Mexico City International Airport,

Before that, he was released in December 2021, following a payment of economic guarantees, on a general fraud charge of about $30 million, a crime for which he was arrested on September 9 of the same year.

domestic violence

CDMX Prosecutor’s Office It was highlighted that after integration of various investigation folders for crimes of family violence and family violence in a gang, over a period of 15 days, elements of investigative police completed arrest warrants against 11 persons including a woman and a assisted. assaulted the girl.

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He said that after being requested by various agents of the Ministry of Public Affairs and receiving the relevant court orders, the said persons would be notified, located by the investigating agents attached to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office, for coordinating the compliance and execution of judicial orders as well as and was arrested. In Iztapalapa of the General Coordination of Regional Research.

Court orders were fulfilled in Cuauhtémoc, Iztapalapa, Tlalpan, Venustiano Carranza, Xochimilco, Gustavo A. Madero Mayralties; One inside the Oriental Men’s Preventive Prison and the other in the state of Queretaro.

According to the FGJCDMX investigation, in all cases, the accused persons possibly physically and verbally assaulted the victims; In some cases there is a record of possible death threats, and in one case, firearm use.

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Interjet president Alejandro del Valle, to process

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