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INE will not remove billboards from Estrada Ferreiro in Culiacana

Sinaloa.- National Electoral Institute (offline) in sinaloa he told that Will not order to withdraw the four brilliant In support…

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Sinaloa.- National Electoral Institute (offline) in sinaloa he told that Will not order to withdraw the four brilliant In support of Mayor Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, after Morena condemned the inappropriate use of the political party’s logo before the electoral body.


In a demarcation official letter, state representative Manuel de Jess Guerrero Verdugo informed that neither the national leader of this party, Mario Delgado, nor any other official authorized the billboard, as it corresponded to those expenses. Those not recognized as their own prior to INE. And, otherwise, they will be cut from the privilege.

He specified that the document dated 5th May states that there are four Hoardings displaying the Morena logoAnd provide photos of each ad and its location.

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Guerrero Verdugo clarified that to date They didn’t trace the people who paid them, And he decided to present the dissent only to INE, so that they would not affect the finances of Morena in the state.

Do not interfere in litigation

With regard to the political trial that began against the mayor of Culiacán, he reaffirmed the position that the state Congress would have no participation in the process that Estrada Ferreiro is following.

“There are Morenistas who support the mayor and identify with the party, and there are other allies who are in Congress who are from Morena and have entered the trial. We say it is in the hands of the legislative power and we are going to honor their resolve.”
illegal permit

Pan’s councillor, Sadol Osorio Porras, explained that if there is no campaign and billboards appear from one day to the next, it shows that Estrada is in direct collusion with Ferreiro and the order to keep them has come from the municipal president. ,

In view of the alleged illegalities, the request for distribution of a copy of the four permits went unheeded, he said.

In this case, if INE is not going to remove the hoarding, The city council should take them back and only one more week’s period will be givenWaiting for the municipal authority to pay attention to its claim, and while continuing to promote Estrada’s image.
expense breakdown

The INE Control Regulations provide that political parties may disclaim themselves of the existence of any form of expenditure, and this shall be done through timely, appropriate and effective legal documentation.

This document will be evaluated in the context of auditing at the appropriate procedural moment for the normal year 2022, ie the review of the Income and Expenditure Report.
The said fiscal regulation establishes conditions for a party, coalition, candidate, ex-candidate, aspirant or independent candidate to absolve itself from the existence of campaign expenses of any kind, which is recognized as its own. is not received.

campaign condemning political oppression

The mayor, Jess Estrada Ferreiro, began his defense to prevent the continuation of the process of two political trials against him.

  • Brilliant performance in support of the mayor

On 30 April, several billboards appeared in different parts of the city, saying “Not for political persecution against Jesus Estrada Ferreiro”.

  • Entrepreneurs Support Her

Without disclosing the names, the municipal president of Culiacan confirmed that four billboards had been installed, which were paid for from the resources of the merchants and citizens who support them.

  • use of logo without authorization

On 5 May, Morena announced that she was going to request INE and IEES to withdraw the billboards, as they did not authorize the use of the logo.

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  • Impeachment is not a party issue

State governor Rubén Rocha Moya believed that Morena should be left out of the impeachment process, and recommended that there be no trace.

To understand…

Does not display Municipal Presidency Authority

Four billboards with “No to the Political Perception Against Jesus Estrada Ferreiro” stand next to the Rolando Arjona bridge at the height of a shopping center; in booth four; On the section of the federal highway Costerita and the last one on the highway to Costa Rica, a few meters from Expo Agro.

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