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Industrial prices up 45% in April due to energy

loss industrial prices They grew 1.6% last April compared to the previous month and 45% year-on-year. However, the rate is…

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loss industrial prices They grew 1.6% last April compared to the previous month and 45% year-on-year. However, the rate is down two points compared to March, when there was an increase of 47%, the highest in 46 years, as reported by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) on Wednesday.

Industrial value chain, with year-on-year growth in April 16 months Consistent positive rate. However, this is the first time since February 2021 that the year-on-year rate has softened as compared to the previous month.


Among the sectors that accelerated industrial prices in April, energy stands out, which reduced its annual variation by more than 17 points to 119% due to lower prices. Productiontransportation and distribution of electricity and refining of oil.

On the other hand, non-durable consumer goods increased their inter-annual rate by more than 1.5 points to 10.2% due to the high cost of processing and preserving meat, while supporting material Due to an increase in the cost of manufacturing basic iron products and products for animal feed, their inter-annual variation increased by almost three points to 25.6%.

Activity wise, the biggest price increase compared to April 2021 was . supplied in Lightning and gas (+128.3%); coke ovens and oil refining (+101%); metallurgy (+45.9%) and chemical industry (+30.3%).

According to INE, without counting energy, industrial prices rose 15.6% year-on-year last April, nearly two points higher than the March rate and more than 29 points below the normal rate. This is also the highest rate since April 1990,

monthly increase

In a monthly rate (April compared to March), industrial prices rose 1.6%, more than five points higher than their growth in March (+6.7%). Still, with the increase in April, 14 months grow continuously monthly.

Monthly advances for April are mainly due to an increase of 4.1% in intermediate goods prices as well as 2.3% rise in non-durable consumer goods prices. In contrast, energy prices declined by 0.6% compared to march Because of the low cost of producing, transporting and distributing electrical energy.

price moderation

index annual rate industrial prices According to statistics, there was an increase in four autonomous communities in April and a decrease in 13.

The biggest increase occurred in relation to the March rate Catalonia, Cantabria and the Basque Country, with an increase of 2.3; 2.2 and 2.1 points respectively.

For its part, the largest reduction in the inter-annual rate was recorded in canary islands, with the failures of the Balearic Islands and Asturias, 32.6; 29 and 28.6 points respectively.

At the end of April, all communities submitted positive rates industrial prices.

The highest annual rates were in Asturias (+90.9%), Balearic (+83.5%) and the Canary Islands (+80.3%), while the most moderate corresponded to La Rioja (+23%), Navarra (+27.6%) and Catalonia (+28.9%).

Industrial prices up 45% in April due to energy

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