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In Sinaloa, not here! And Yoreme Mayo Nation will demand talks with AMLO

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The Collective not here! and Yoreme Mayo Nation He spoke yesterday for a direct conversation with the…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The Collective not here! and Yoreme Mayo Nation He spoke yesterday for a direct conversation with the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to get to know directly and personally what the native people of northern Sinaloa are. They don’t want GPO’s ammonia plant in Topolobampo Bay,

Felipe de Jesus Montano Valenzuela, the city’s traditional governor, during an indigenous and neighborhood assembly of at least 10 communities held at the Virgen del Carmen de Ohuira ceremonial centre. He made so many false statements to indigenous communities regarding potential consultations, as the nation’s Supreme Court ruled to cancel this ammonia plant.

“The permits were withdrawn, so it is not possible for the ammonia plant to set up itself. To be able to access the consultation it would have to start from scratch. However, if they start from scratch, we will continue to do so. Will keep tanners, fill shelters, so that the ammonia plant can be removed from bay at the right time.”

Montano Valenzuela reiterated that They have never been against the gas and petrochemical plant (GPO) of the West, but against its location because of the damage it causes to the ecosystem. And for families in the area, therefore, their call will be to move the 45-kilometer project outside Topolobampo. “Not here”.

“If they say there will be an impact 45 kilometers in all directions, they should move the plant 45 kilometers into the ocean.”

For his part, the fisherman Armando Pinzón delved into the subject by saying that The plant leaves no benefit to the fishing sector. “Instead, they’re going to harm more than 2,500 fishermen here in the bay.”

Furthermore, he said, when the plant arrived 8 years ago, its representatives filled in the 28-hectare Ramsar site (wetland of international importance), but what they did not disclose is that they continued to destroy more mangroves. which is more than the 200 hectares they will occupy.

“My idea is that we have to preserve some natural areas for our kids. Maybe they’ll live by fishing, and they’ll have a place there.”

The fisherman said that the whales seen these days are another reason to say no to the plant here.

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During the meeting, the community ignored the president of the Supreme Council of Indigenous Peoples, Liberado Baquesegua, as an indigenous authority, calling him a traitor for selling interests other than those of the Mayo Yorem brothers.

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