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In Guanajuato, agave plantations must comply with regulations

Manuel Bent, Guanajuato.- In the land of Guanajuato more than a few years plantation has started agave, where a large…

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Manuel Bent, Guanajuato.- In the land of Guanajuato more than a few years plantation has started agave, where a large production of Liquorbut now Due to over-exploitation due to over-cropping, farmers start seeing soil damage, This was reported by Manuel Doblado, President of Guanajuato, Blanca Precido.

“Most of the area has been covered with various agave crops, so it is the task of the municipality to begin to regulate and control this problem, in order to prevent the destructive processes of the flora and fauna of the double land,” Municipal President Blanca Preciado expressed.

before the land of from Jalisco They were known for their extensive agave plantations, however, now Guanajuato is the region that wants to stand up to it as well, with a cooperation agreement signed last yearEl Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) and the Government of the State of JaliscoWhich means that within municipalities with denominations of origin of tequila, plantations are carried out without affecting the environment by conserving the ecosystem.

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María Isabel Ortiz Mantilla, head of the Environment and Regional Planning Secretariat (SMAOT), offered a special talk to Manuel Doblado through the ‘Analysis Workshop on Problems and Proposed Solutions for the Sustainability of the Tequila Region’, offered training to local officials Gai, representative of the Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Development, member of the State Committee on Plant Health of Guanajuato and the Regular Council of Tequila.

“We are working on this Jalisco-Guanajuato, we are seeing that unfortunately with the boom in the tequila market, there is deforestation in many parts of the state to plant agave, as the soil in Jalisco was depleting And now they’re coming to Guanajuato, the problem is if we keep planting agave we’re going to have a phytosanitary problem, we’re going to destroy our soil”, The head of SMAOT Maria Isabel Ortijo expressed

For Guanajuato farmers, blue agave production was more profitable than traditional grains such as, Maize, wheat, sorghum, barley and beans, because every year government support has dwindled and they were offered good sums of money to rent land to tequila companies and profits doubled when only the grain was planted.

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The municipality of Romita currently covers 95% of the area planted with agave and damage is already being seen.In the state of Guanajuato, plantations have grown from 4,000 to 36,000 hectares that produce agave, which is why it is important to act, said María Isabel Ortiz, who also announced that a responsible program would be implemented in which the government would participate. Involved also from Jalisco and Guanajuato and the Tequila Regulatory Council and the Tequila Industry Chamber, commented that it would be in the next few days when details of this collaboration would be provided.

This cooperation agreement follows the objective of regulating 90% of tequila production nationally and becoming the first beverage worldwide with this certification. It will be in the next few days that the strategies to be implemented in the Guanajuato land will be reported again so as not to affect the soil, as well as the official requirements that the tequila companies settling in the unit must meet in order to operate.