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In Durango, on the day of polling on June 5, 17 thousand 899 citizens will vote

Durango.- For Elections will be held on June 5 in Durango State, 17 thousand 899 citizens will participate that they…

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Durango.- For Elections will be held on June 5 in Durango State, 17 thousand 899 citizens will participate that they would exercise their right to elect their representatives to the election, where they would elect a governor and 39 mayors.

According to data from the National Electoral Institute (INE) of Durango State, 2,545 boxes will be installed for this process. And each one of them will have seven princes.

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recently, INE executive member in the unit, Maria Elena Cornejo Esparzastated that the citizens have given good and positive response to participate in this process, hence the formation of the Board of Directors shows good progress, since three weeks after the completion of this phase of the process, 90 percent progress has been made in the process of board of directors and 75 percent of citizens have received the necessary training,

Also, it should be mentioned that The mobility issue for the most remote geographic areas of the state has made it difficult to work with the use of the application to enroll citizens.Therefore INE workers have to collect the necessary information and look for a place with internet access to register.

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So far, areas where insecurity may arise have not been identified by the INE, so it is working in a coordinated manner with the Secretary of Security to finalize agreements that are as far away as possible. allow us to avoid any situation of insecurity or violence. election Day.

except, With regard to the redistribution to be done at the national level, Durango will not undergo amendments, as it will continue with the same number of districts, which are 15 local and 4 federal., But it should be noted that even if the number of districts remains, their composition will be modified due to the concentration of population.