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“I’m Not Afraid To Stop Being Beautiful”

Madrid. After venturing into the skin of the iconic Ruby and becoming the eternal girlfriend of Mexican actress Luis Miguel…

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Madrid. After venturing into the skin of the iconic Ruby and becoming the eternal girlfriend of Mexican actress Luis Miguel Camila Sodi lives in a time of change, challenges and new perspectives, She has lost the fear of not being beautiful anymore and she bets on her projects and roles in which she doesn’t even wear makeup.

Camila Sodi has just finished shooting No Trace (Amazon Prime Video) in Spain, the country she has decided to live in for a while with her entire family, and is working on Any Similarities (Paramount+) which was the first series he produced. Will produce and act as well.

In an interview a few days before he finished shooting Without Traces, Sodi (Mexico City, 1986) talks about a pivotal moment in which he seeks deeper and more emotional projects. And the roles are less focused on physical appearance.

Question: It is coming to Spain, has it been like a fresh start?

Answer: Surely this is a new beginning. I have been very gypsy all my life as a good actor and I am not afraid of new beginnings at all. In fact, when I had kids I stopped working for six years and had to start over from scratch and everything that came with it, the teething vertigo, the fear. I don’t know anybody and nobody knows me. But also the feeling and joy of meeting new people, stepping on another ground, speaking differently and exploring different projects. It’s like when you’re a kid, there’s a mix of excitement and fear, but I’m happy.

Q: Do you take a breath of peace of mind from not being recognized on the street?

R: I have never experienced fame as something that affects me in my personal life. I have always pretended from life that that part doesn’t touch me that much. But there is a different sense of freedom in Madrid that I don’t have in Mexico and it has nothing to do with fame, it has nothing to do with the level of security. My children walk for free or go to school by metro, these things do not happen in my country. And it’s sad, but it’s a fact. I live a fantasy of freedom and I want to live long.

Q: Did the whole family leave, including the children’s father (your former partner, actor Diego Luna)?

A: Yes, the whole family is gone. We come and go because both he and I work in Mexico and we have family and a thousand things. We will always have one foot in our motherland. But the reality is that I will be here for two years and from then on we will see.

eliminating stereotypes

Q: Tell me about your projects after Without Traces.

A: I’ve written a series and I’m going to produce it and also star in it. This is my first time and I am very excited. I worked closely with a friend of mine, Natasha Ybarra-Chlor, and together we wrote and produced it. This is a very personal story, but there is a lot of laughter.

Q: Tell us about the difference between the character without footprints and Kata, who is a cleaner on the run and without makeup or artifice, in relation to other projects.

A: I come from doing Ruby. It is a journey because personally I am a woman who is very aware of the stereotypes and bigotry that we women play at times. And as an actress, you have to be ready to transform yourself from zero to one hundred and recently I have created very sensual characters from male point of view.

Q: Is this a before and after?

A: I think it’s one of the few characters I’ve done where there’s absolute and brutal confidence, and I don’t care whether men find me attractive or not. It’s a moment in my life where I get over it and I love making people laugh, excite, feel things, and it’s beyond the physical. When you are as I am now, planted in your center, In your existence, you are no longer afraid to be beautiful, beautiful.

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Q: Speaking of stereotypes, are roles changing for Latinos in fiction?

A: I think there will always be projects that have the idea of ​​pigeonholing not just Latinos, but all over the world. But there are more and more creative people who are taking control of these big projects, who are very intelligent and are not doing it.

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