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isabelle macedo (46) is one of the most charismatic and beloved actresses in the artistic world. In between her work,…

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isabelle macedo (46) is one of the most charismatic and beloved actresses in the artistic world. In between her work, she has stood out for playing various villains in soap operas and series, despite the fact that these characters are far from her real persona. These days while waiting to come with my second daughter Juan Manuel UrtubeIsabelle was encouraged to talk about everything communicate with people, New section of this medium.

This Thursday the 19th, Macedo premieres his new film ‘Franklin: The Story of a Ticket’‘, with Lucas Vivo García Lagos’ first feature film and the protagonist of Sophia Throat You German Palacios, “I don’t know if I get to see the movie (laughs), my idea is to nail all the sequels that come to me so that I can go to the premiere with Juan Manuel and some friends. I want us all to see it Simultaneously in cinema, I want to see it on the big screen because of the theme, the effects, the sound… everything.” The actress assures that she is already in her last week of pregnancy.

Isabel Macedo and film director Lucas Vivo García Lagos

“It was an honor, that such a young child (García Lagos) is so talented … and beyond the fact that this is his beginning, all his experience is seen when telling the story. I think that’s the wonderful call. That happened because of the film script, because there are very small characters that have been created by very big people.”He refers to louis brandoni You Daniel Arrozwho complete the cast.

The film was made in the midst of a pandemic and every two days its entire cast had to undergo swabs to ensure all health norms were followed. “For me, watching a film that has been made in a pandemic, that has come on time and with these tremendous actors… was something I hadn’t imagined. I realized that I’m no happier than working,says Elizabeth.

How was it working with such artists?

– For me to work with Sofia Gala, with German Palacios … Everything was perfect, from the script to the production, everything seemed like a great luxury.

-El-Gante has a special participation in the film and it was his acting debut …

-El-Ghent’s participation was super fresh, natural. It seemed to me that each one is very good in the role he has been cast for.

The film is too crude, it contains too much violence and in a certain way it portrays the insecurities that plague the country…

-I think all the time about how it can be improved! Hopefully one day we can live breathing another air, safe and calm. In this specific case, I think the film cannot be compared to anything, because it is a fantasy. But yes, insecurity is very strong in this country and everywhere. It will always be good to live differently, thinking about education and not about other things.

-Do you already have new work projects for after the baby is born?

-I like to work, maybe after the baby is born we will go there for a while (Buenos Aires). First I want to see that everything is fine and be very close to me for as long as necessary, before going back to work. Working is a motivation for me, I am always grooming myself. Now with a huge belly I’m doing vocal retraining and I just launched my own clothing brand ,beneda, Along with my partner Natty Gonzalez, we will be opening three more stores soon. I need to do things and work, I don’t like peace.

waiting sweetly

,The family we built with Juan Manuel was a construction, because he already had four children, and for me that construction was based on love., reports isabelle macedo Who, together with the former governor of Salta, formed a united family with the arrival of their four children – Marcos (31), Lucas (24), Mateo (21) and Juana (18) – the younger Isabelita and her next girl.

“Things are not given for free, nor are there. One thing that someone does for me is when you give love, when you listen … For example, I think his boys (Urtubay) know that It is very important to me that we all be together as a team, That’s what matters to me”explains to the actress, while assuring that the most important thing to her is family.

Is this going to be a natural birth?

We don’t know if it will be a natural birth, I hope.

Instagram: Isabel Macedo

-How does your daughter Isabel expect her younger sister to come?

-Belita is crazy, it’s a bit like rating: minute by minute it changes (she laughs). For now, whatever she says will be for her sister, she says she’s even going to lend him her favorite toy, which is a bear she can’t take anymore, it’s all dilapidated. And I live by sewing because she doesn’t want anything else (laughs). When she was born they gave her a lot which I later gave to all of them, poor one, whoever comes will have only two pajamas (laughs).

It’s good to instill in the boys this idea of ​​donating their things when they don’t use them anymore…

-Completely! I’m not going to lie to you that once a month I make different clothes or toys for him so that he understands that there are people who need it more than him. If you have one to two things, I want you to keep only one. I want it to be measured like mine. I realized that it is not difficult for him to let go of things, the only thing that does not let go is the bear (laughs).

Instagram: Isabel Macedo

– You recently celebrated Belita’s 4th birthday and the whole family supported the celebration: from her brothers decorating to cake baking, do you prefer to celebrate in a more traditional way?

,I feel so close to myself if I do things the way I want to, I feel like deeds are infused with love, so all her brothers were cutting Paw Patrol magazines, my sister-in-law who ran to buy an EVA rubber to decorate, Belita also had her own to attend. scissor thi assembly… what matters most to me is family, i want it to be the most important part of my life forever.

-How does Belita get along with Juan Manuel’s children?

They love her, she is the queen of the house. They ask about her all the time and ask me to send them pictures and videos when they are not here. She is also very much present in his life and it is important to me that this happens. If she tells me something about her siblings or she misses them, we grab them and send them a message. They are teenagers and they have their own lives, they have friends, they have things… I want them to be stuck all day (laughs).

Instagram: Isabel Macedo

-Your mother is also very present…

-I think, if she can be here, why is she alone there (Buenos Aires)? This is the only life we ​​have, so it means a lot to me that we are together.

– Is she living with you?

He comes and goes, but it’s like he lived here. Now she is not going any more, she is waiting for the birth of the next granddaughter. I think it is a pleasure for her to be able to live with her granddaughter, not everyone has this possibility. Moreover, Juan Manuel, despite all his actions, is very fond of her. I do not know how many people would be happy to be with their mother-in-law (he laughs).

su is belita

Belita Urtube He was born on May 7, 2018 in the province of Salta, where he currently lives with his parents, his maternal grandmother and his brothers. The girl has a lot of characters, and her mother often shares her funny events through social networks, where she already accumulates her fans.

Belita has a lot of personality, if she asks you if she wants to devote herself to acting, will you leave her?

-Yes of course. I used to go with her a lot, the only thing that matters most to me now is that she understands that some things are very important. If you see someone crying, come closer. I see that she has a really lovely personality, that she always thinks of others. What matters the most about him to me is that he is a good person.

Instagram: Isabel Macedo

Salta. their life in

the beginning of his romance with Juan Manuel Urtube Isabel’s life changed drastically as she moved to Salta, as he was the governor of that province. However, he knew how to rearrange himself and so much more, that every time he had an artistic project he moved to Buenos Aires to work. Moreover, he has now completely reinvented his entrepreneurial side and is running a knitwear capsule for a brand: beneda,

What was the big change like moving to Salta?

– It’s all so different! I worked a lot, I was very happy, I thought I had made my way and then that change was great, but to learn more about Juan Manuel’s life, to see what his work was like, To go with them, to see it with your own eyes without asking anyone. Tell… All that took me time and it was very important for me to live it. He was the governor at that time. I was working when we got married ‘love after love’ On Telefe and I came for the weekend, I got married and I went back to recording on Monday (laughs).

– How do you remember the wedding?

– It was very crazy, I tried the dress only once and then when it was ready here in Salta. I’ve never seen shoes! I’m very comfortable, I asked Ricky Zarqani for some shoes and he sent them to me, but he didn’t know they were for my wedding because I never told him and later when he saw everything he told me challenged (laughs).

Her love story with Juan Manuel Urtube

more in 2016 With less than a year of dating, the actress and politician decided to say yes. On September 24 of the same year, their wedding took place in the framework of a country-themed event, which took place in Coast, his residence, before 450 guests including figures from the fields of entertainment and politics. For that dream day, Isabel chose Design by Javier Sayacho In natural silk with silk threads embroidered with transparencies with vanilla flowers in threads.

-How did you meet?

We were introduced by a mutual friend. We met over a meal, at his house and we kept talking and talking and talking… One time we went out and our friends told us ‘keep talking’ and left. There we realized that we have a lot in common: my whole family is from Jujuy, he is from Salta … We couldn’t believe we had never met. Suddenly it was 9:30 in the morning. We spent 12 hours without talking! As if we have known each other for the rest of our lives.

– What made you fall in love with him the most?

-It drives me crazy how it is. I think he is a wonderful person, a divine being. He is a good kid and super educated but also very polite at the same time. I feel a lot of admiration for him, when I met him I didn’t feel so clear about politics or anything… I wanted to meet him, to know how the story is. I’m lucky, not lucky, but I wouldn’t be with a guy who says what he says to me is the same thing he says or tells people later on on TV. It is very transparent, it goes in one place.

Did you have any prejudice when you came to know that he was indulging in politics?

– No, I never feel strange. I am not one to be prejudiced without knowing it. I honestly fell in love with him when I found out how he is a kid who works a lot and still wakes up at 6 a.m. to take his kids to school, give him a lunch With it takes half an hour. … We always have lunch together, every day of the week. It all shows me what the person next to me is like.

Would you like to continue raising the family?

– No, just (laughs). i mean yesIf it were up to me, I would have a thousand children with Juan Manuel., if I had known him before… my blessed Lord!. I would have loved to have a thousand children from him, but there are already too many before this child comes. She is sixth, we are a lakh (she laughs), we are already fine. But if you ask me, I will tell you yes. I find the miracle of conceiving life fantastic.

PH: Osvaldo Orlandic

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