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I won’t go to summit if Joe Biden ousts Cuba: AMLO

Mexico City. – President Amlo threatened not to attend America’s summit, organized by the United States Government, if it so…

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Mexico City. – President Amlo threatened not to attend America’s summit, organized by the United States Government, if it so decides exclude countries such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel López Obrador was questioned about the request made by him Joe Biden so as not to exclude countries from meeting And if the Mexican government’s request is denied, what will be its measures.

in that case, Amlo Estimated your position, assured that will not perform in the city of los angeles to attend next June America’s summitA representative delegation headed by the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Masselo Ebrard, is sending.

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“If it is excluded, if not all (governments) are invited, a representation of the Government of Mexico will go, but I will not go, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard will represent me,” the chief executive said.

The Mexican president indicated that his absence would be a message of protest “because I do not want the same policy to continue in the US” where countries such as Cuba and Venezuela have been excluded by the United States.

“Won’t that have a negative effect?” The President was asked about his remedy.

“No, because we are a free country and we have a relationship of freedom and respect,” he said.

Amlo they dismiss that Joe Bien is going to take it so badly that he is absent America’s summit Reiterating the good relations between the two governments, in the event of ousting the US countries.

no request response

AMLO reported that, so far, the government of AmericaJoe Biden, has not responded to his request for the US not to exclude countries from the summit.

Ahead of his next tour schedule for the summit in downtown Los Angeles the following June, Amlo He indicated that the request made to his counterpart in the United States was still awaited and reiterated that despite political differences, other countries such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua should not be excluded.

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“Participation in the Los Angeles summit is not yet resolved because we are proposing that no one should be excluded, because we want the unity of the whole of America and we feel that there should be no confrontation, even That we have to negotiate even with differences or make us all American brothers,” the AMLO declared.