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“I saw something that hurt me and I don’t know if I can forgive” – ​​People Online

fernanda wives was as a guest tonight lam on America TV, and revealed the crisis he was experiencing with the…

By admin , in news , at May 20, 2022

fernanda wives was as a guest tonight lam on America TV, and revealed the crisis he was experiencing with the former football player in the months following, Sebastian kobelifinally decided to end break away because of some of his attitude that he saw from her and really bothered her, to such an extent that he decided not to forgive her dad her sons,

“I’m in a time when I’m honestly fighting a lot with my ego, I’m going through all the moments, I see how stupid I feel for admitting things. Today I’m more than angry Feeling hurt, Fernanda said about the situation that she has to live with her ex-partner day by day.

“Someone told me something and I got a chat I didn’t like… The one who told me was a person I know but who knew a screenshot was twirled,” Vives said, asking him what It was revealed from his ex-partner that this ended the breakup of the relationship that lasted for 12 years.

“They forbade me, it started in January, I wanted to change my Instagram profile a bit at the time because I started with DIvas Play… :”, commented Fernanda, who uploaded some time ago Tone for that platform for adults and to fit in, she had to replace her network with content she uploaded.

“In spite of all this there are moments and moments, because it’s hard, we both live together and sometimes you want to spoil it, which obviously doesn’t happen and in moments of anger and rage you have to keep it to yourself Happens, maybe now we’re calmer in another moment”, Vedette expressed about coexistence with Cobbelli.

In the middle of the LAM event, Sebastian Cobelli uploaded a phrase to his network: “It’s always easier to find the culprit than to take responsibility for what happens to someone”, this quickly generated a reaction from Vives, who indicated: “These are the things that I say that I do not like, because they put me in a place that does not give, but despite the fact that he says that he is not guilty, I have talks.” ,” Vedet said. . more information on



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