Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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“I have had this strength in my heart since I was very young”: Fernando Nazro

Guamuchil.- He is alone as temperamental and devoted, FMokorito team representative and captain Arnando Nazar López, the brand new champion…

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Guamuchil.- He is alone as temperamental and devoted, FMokorito team representative and captain Arnando Nazar López, the brand new champion in the Masters category last weekendand the Municipal Soccer League Immunotech Cup, he is a natural leader And when he is on the playground he becomes a true warrior, but outside he is a friend and respectable to all.

Where does the dedication and strength you show on the court come from, even when you are younger than you?
Blessed Lord, if there is any force that encourages me, it is the desire to excel, to do things well. I have been participating since childhood and in my mind and heart there is a desire to pursue football, but at that time the opportunity was not given. Sport has always been a reason for life for me. In fact, when I enter the court, I feel the same way I started. I really like inspiration, I try to inject it into my teammates. I really enjoy it, for me teammates are like a family, I enjoy being together. I think we have formed a league (master) of great brotherhood. In general, our enthusiasm is to contribute to the game.

How does the municipality of Mokorito always remain among the protagonists in the local soccer league?
In Mokorito, like everywhere else, there are many values. It is true that every year something goes missing. Today we have a good representative of the sport, inspiring and organizing the league from the bottom up. I think this is the way from now on. It is very difficult in all aspects for the youth today. I believe that if there is anything that strengthens young people and families, it is sport.

What do you call young people who faint and don’t have the zeal and enthusiasm that you still show in this category of veterans?
In sports and in all walks of life, you should always keep your feet firmly on the ground, with great humility and respect for those in front of you.
Of course you have to be proud and inspired. On the field we should give everything, but give it respect and recognize the opponent. I invite the youth not to give up. The sport is so beautiful, it helps you in training and in life in general.

Mokorito was the leader this season from start to finish, and now he’s sealed it with the championship, how do you feel?
We’ve had four or five years to organize this team well, who have believed in us. We fought a lot in the beginning, but we gave the war. Slowly we were making the team stronger, and today it is the key or mindset for us to understand that it is not just about the competition, but we should always fight to win.