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Hoy No Circula at CDMX and Adomex for Today Tuesday May 10th

it is Tuesday May 10 Stop circulating cars with pink finishes Plates 7 and 8, Hologram 1 and 2 and…

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it is Tuesday May 10 Stop circulating cars with pink finishes Plates 7 and 8, Hologram 1 and 2 and permissions. Said road ban comes into effect from 05:00 PM and ends by 22:00 PM on the same day.

Which days do not rotate? Known Here On which days your car does not circulate in the next 6 months?

The Hoy No Circula program aims to establish measures applicable to vehicular movement of mobile sources or motor vehicles to prevent, reduce and control the emissions of pollutants from mobile sources that circulate in Mexico City, regardless of the origin of the emissions. whatever happens. and/or registration of the vehicle, by limiting its movement.

Applies to the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico, which includes the 16 municipalities and 18 municipalities of Mexico City. Mexico State.

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Tl’s municipalities are Etizapan de Zaragoza, Coacalco de Beriozabal, Cuoutitlán, Cuoutitlán Izcaly, Chalco, Chicolopán, Chimalhuacan, Acatepec de Morelos, Huicquilucan, Ixtapaluca, La Paz, and, Tcol, Nicolapan de Juárez, and Nicolapan de Juárez. Chalco Valley.

tourist pass

tourist pass Permits foreign or foreign vehicles to Mexico City and the State of Mexico, valid for 3, 7 or 14 days, allowing movement without restriction for the promotion of tourism, established in the program Is. not broadcast today,

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To obtain a tourist pass, you must enter the electronic portal of Mexico City’s Environment Secretariat. It is essential that you have a personal email address and have your vehicle registration card in hand.

Process for processing tourist passes.

  • Enter Tourist Pass Page
  • Start your registration by capturing your email
  • The Tourist Pass System will send you an email with an electronic address on your registered email
  • Enter the Electronic League and fill out the registration with your normal data. When you submit this information, the system will send you another email (to your registered email) with the access code
  • You can login to the system with your email and your password
  • In the Automobile Registration tab, you have to register your vehicle data which is found on the circulation card. When capturing the plate use only numbers and letters without leaving a blank
  • When you have registered your vehicle data you can generate your pass, indicating whether you need it for 7 or 14 days. It is necessary to consider the date on which the vehicle will operate in the municipality of the metropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexico, so that the period of the pass considers this date.
  • With the data entered into the system, two tourist passes will be generated, one issued by Mexico City and the other issued by the State of Mexico. Once the pass is processed, you have to print it (two generated letters) and affix it at a visible place in the vehicle during the validity period of the same.

Tourist pass can be obtained once per semester with a validity of 14 days; or, twice per semester with a validity of 7 days each

Tourist passes for 3 days will be granted only on official long bridges authorized by the Directorate General of Air Quality.

Paisano Tourist Pass It shall be granted only to foreign vehicles registered for private use, gasoline in the United States and Canada, which are not more than fifteen years old and which have authorization or permission of the relevant authorities for the legal permanence of their entity in the Mexican Republic. period prescribed in this regard

If the data of the vehicle, mentioning the model year, plate and state of origin reflected in the tourist pass, does not match with the data of the vehicle’s circulation card, it will not be valid for which the vehicle will be approved OK.