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How will the post office strike starting today affect you?

The CCOO and UGT, the majority union in Correos, will hold a demonstration in the center of Madrid this Wednesday,…

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The CCOO and UGT, the majority union in Correos, will hold a demonstration in the center of Madrid this Wednesday, aimed at avoiding the “dissolution” of the company and condemning the “failure” which they believe will lead to business management and Public company labor.

The unions expect the mobilization to be attended by thousands of workers, who will come from all the provinces through the streets of Madrid to demonstrate at the Congress of Deputies.

This will be the way of protest

The march will begin at 12:15 pm in the Plaza de Callao, with a staging post about the current status of the post office, and will pass through the streets of Precidos, Sol, Carretas, Plaza Jacinto Benavente, Calle Atocha, Ronda de Atocha. and Paseo del Prado, until arriving at Plaza de las Cortes around 1:30 p.m.

At that time the Congress of Deputies would continue the protest act with a reading of four around workers’ manifesto Corios explained the results that he believes “deleting postage is creating their working conditions”.

Also, this demonstration takes place on the first day of the strike in the company, which will last till Friday. According to CCOO and UGT, Correos is on the verge of “technical bankruptcy”With losses exceeding 500 million euros over three years, 400 million structural deficits and debts amounting to 1,000 million for payroll payments.

Strike observance: success according to unions, failure according to company

Match has estimated that the strike called by unions has been monitored by 11.85 percent of the workforce in night shifts and has assured the EFE that Activity “developing normally and without incident”,

The company has dubbed the strike monitoring data “false” Offered by the organizers CCOO and UGT, who announced first thing in the morning that 80% of workers in the night shift had joined the strike call.

According to unions, Korios has been forced to cripple transport routes. In the centers of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Valladolid, Zaragoza, Alicante, Las Palmas, Malaga, Bilbao, Tenerife, Santiago, Vitoria, Granada, Merida, Oviedo and Mallorca.

Follow-up of the call has happened “massively” on night shifts in 22 post office centers that work that shift, such as the automated treatment, logistics and international one in Barajas, he says.

Korios’ reaction to the strike

Korios has repeatedly denied the allegations made by the unions, defending it by saying The company “guarantees the quality of the postal service” And denying that it plans to privatize or destroy jobs.

The company claims that Correos will be public and denies that its activities are being transferred to its subsidiary, Corios Express, while also ensuring that it is not closing any offices or distribution centers, but on the contrary, that its service It is expanding to rural areas, where it is digitizing public service points.

“is completely false that chorios is going to be fragmented, This is an internal restructuring which will not affect the integrity of the company. It is a specialization along the lines of business to improve management within the company’s structure”, he argues, given the information disclosed by the CCOO and UGT.

The transformation process into which it is immersed, which revolves around diversification, internationalization and efficiency improvement of services, aims to generate income that reverses the loss situation in postal shipments aggravated by the pandemic situation – 212 million less in 2021 than in 2020, the year in which 500 million fewer shipments were shipped compared to 2019.

“Correos, as a public company, has the obligation to strengthen its openings and to other sectors” diversify your business, There is no retrenchment process being done and it continues to work for stable and quality employment.”

In this sense, it defends the social dialogue through which the 2018-2020 Multi-Year Agreement was signed and states that over 160 meetings have taken place in the period 2020-2022, resulting in 13,297 for permanent workers. There is a demand for new positions. Out of which 7,730 people have already joined.

In addition, between 2020 and 2021, a total of 5,521 people have found more destinations tailored to their needs through the relocation competition, and since 2018 over 6 million hours of training has been conducted for a total of 1.4 million participants.

The company recalls that a declaration has already been signed with all unions including CSIF, Sindicato Libre and CIG on the main lines of action of P.Korios Group Strategic Plan for 2021-2024in which it was maintained “as a public company with a national emblem, the backbone of the entire national territory, with the function of a universal and economically sustainable postal service over time”.

Finally, it lists some of the initiatives undertaken in recent years, such as the delivery of 22,000 new PDAs to its workforce, the launch of Corios Cash, the installation of 109 ATMs in various locations in Spain or the promotion of the Corios Market platform.

How will the post office strike starting today affect you?

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