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How to calculate the age of a chosen tree in CDMX?

Mexico. – On the night of Sunday 8 May it was announced that Ahuhute was the chosen tree To replace…

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Mexico. – On the night of Sunday 8 May it was announced that Ahuhute was the chosen tree To replace the palm coveted by the citizens which was in correction roundaboutIn CDMX, a fact that made many people curious about this gorgeous tree.

Also known as “Moctezuma Cypress”, “Sabino”, or . also called By its scientific name, Taxodium mucronatum, is native to Mexico, although it can also be found in some areas of Guatemala. One of its main features is the height it reaches, and above all, the width of its trunk.

An ahuhete reaches a height of 40 m, with a trunk diameter of between 80 and 150 cm. And its crown has abundant, pendulous leaves, 15 to 30 meters in diameter, all this, according to data from the Jesuit University of Guadalajara (ITESO) in a publication called “Ahuhute”:

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Information from the National Forestry Commission obtained from an article titled “Taxodium mucronatum ten” details that the tree has sub-evergreen leaves, which fall during the months of December and January. Its flowers mature mainly between July and August.

Its fruits are similar to a small oval pineapple., They should be collected from the month of May, although their greatest abundance comes between August and November. Ahuehuete seeds are obtained from ripe and dried ‘shanks’ (fruits). They can be taken from products in the ground or harvested from the tree itself, however, it is important to perform a cut test to ensure seed maturity.

age of ahuehute

It is not that easy to estimate the age of a tree like some animals including humans, but there are ways For this, according to an essay entitled “Long-Life Trees of Mexico”, published in Radalic by Villanueva Diaz, Jose; Serrano Paredes, Julian; Stahl, DW; Constant Garcia, Vicenta; Vazquez Salem, Lorenzo; Estrada Evalos, Juan and Benavides Solorio, Juan de Dios.

First of all it is necessary to make it clear that The life span of a tree can be ascertained accurately only when the exact date of planting is known.,

According to the cited text, one of the most common methods is to “obtain a cross section or remove a growth core” with specialized equipment.

“Counting of age The number of rings contained in a sample is made on the basis of
Segment, core or chip, at breast height (1.3 to 1.5 m) and the sum of the years
missing for sections that do not include the center of the tree”, which must be extracted with a presser drill and applied dendrochronological techniques.

to determine a Estimated on number of rings The remaining ones are calculated that are already present in the first 10 cm of the inner area of ​​the sample, this value, as well as the radius of the sample, is calculated for the age corresponding to the section, “Similarly, a fixed number of is the year in pairs (previously estimated in seedlings or young plants with height less than 1.50 m), which is the average time required to reach sample height”.

The total life of the tree is obtained from the operation,


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  • Eta = total age of the tree (years)
  • Ni = the total number of rings in the growth or chip section obtained from the presser drill
  • NF = Number of rings in the missing segment (Extrapolation and Applequist method)
  • Na = number of years required by the tree to reach the height of the sample
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