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How are pensions calculated in Europe?

las pension In recent years the Spanish have become a hot potato for all governments. plus paroSomething less quotaplus retired…

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las pension In recent years the Spanish have become a hot potato for all governments. plus paroSomething less quotaplus retired They are the perfect storm, so that the account doesn’t come out.

model of Calculation Pensions in Spain are going to change in the coming years, although there is no consensus on how this will happen.

Secretary of State for Social Security and Pensions, Israel Creekaccepted that the “ideal” model would have to take into account what was contributed throughout the time when calculating the amount of pension labor life,

other thing, Brussels It also closely monitors the Spanish pension system. The European Commission calls for the introduction of “compensatory measures to mitigate risks to long-term fiscal stability”. European funding to Spain also depends on adjustments in pensions, but the new test will not be carried out until 2023.


The pension system in France is also based on inter-generational solidarity. Today’s contributors pay retirees’ pensions.

With regard to the calculation for the calculation of pension, France chooses Worker’s Best 25 Years, The age is usually set between 60 and 62 years old, although there is also an early retirement model for long-term contributions.

The progressive retirement of the French model allows one to continue working and contributing while receiving part of the pension.


Germany has mixed system With three sources for retirement: compulsory basic pension, one voluntary occupational supplement and the other a voluntary or personal supplement.

it counts the whole race of worker. You can have a grace period of five years, although the minimum must be 60 months.

Workers do not have to stop working to get pension. Age (65 years) and relaxation period mentioned above are the only requirements. If they retire before age, the pension is gradually reduced, but if they retire after 67 they get a bonus of 6% for each year worked.

United Kingdom

anglo-saxon model The pension has more welfare than the Spanish. count out year cited Each worker, however, has its nuances. For those who retired before 2016, they had a basic pension and linked to an additional income. For those who have since stopped working, new state pension Based on the years cited or recognized with a minimum of 35 years.

The retirement age is 66, although it will increase to 67 in 20227 and 68 in 2046.

The most common system in Europe is responsible for the whole race of worker. Italy, Sweden and Portugal also use this option while the Netherlands, for example, takes years of residence into account.

“Even if you have contributed a lot and have been working since the age of 18, your pension will depend only on what happened at the end of your life and that is dice With people’s lives”, were Arroyo’s words to confirm that the model would have to be changed.


Although a tour of Europe is most important for comparing the Spanish pension system, it is good to see the largest pension system of the world, United States of America.

Safe Social It provides a source of income for workers when they retire and is managed by the federal government.

While working, the worker pays taxes to Social Security, which goes to a trust fund to pay benefits. Over the years, you earn credits that enable you to choose benefits the day you retire.

Calculation is done on the basis of highest income 35 years, There is no mandatory retirement age, it is an individual decision, although the absolute age ranges from 66 to 67 years. With lesser amount there is also early retirement at 62 and late retirement till 70.

How are pensions calculated in Europe?

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