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Hector Domingues (SNE): “Spain cannot do without nuclear power”

President of the Spanish Nuclear Society (SNE), Hector DominguesSaid that « Spain is at a time when it cannot function…

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President of the Spanish Nuclear Society (SNE), Hector DominguesSaid that « Spain is at a time when it cannot function without energy nuclear», and has defended the continuation of the plants for the next 20 years, which requires a regulatory framework.

Organized by the parliamentary group of Domingues, who has participated in the conference “Walking towards Energy Sovereignty in Spain” Vocal Congress has stated that if you want a safe, competitive and sustainable electricity system, you must have all sources of low carbon production, including nuclear.

safe and efficient

he claimed that nuclear power plants In Spain they are safer and more efficient than when they started working thirty years ago, and they have reported that they can remain active for 60 and 80 years.

This has indicated that high level waste from combustible Nuclear power plants from their origins to the present day fit on a football field, and that the amount of waste to be managed is small and solutions exist to do so.

Domingues remembered that in 2021 there was central 56 In addition to the existence of 355 proposals for new construction, with an investment of 275,000 million euros, under construction in the world.

remembered that France extends the life of its nuclear reactors to 60 years and is going to build six new plants, which could be extended to eleven, and Belgium has delayed the shutdown of two reactors, while Poland has six planned plants , the first of which is scheduled to operate in 2033.

Domingues pointed out that Europe has a “prosperous nuclear future”, while in Spain ending Four of the seven reactors will be in place by 2030 and the remaining by 2035.

National Energy and Climate Plan

This, along with doubling the installed renewable energy by 2030, is envisaged as National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC), gas for electricity generation, of which no longer than 50% of the installed electricity is used by this technology, becomes more relevant in the power system as a whole.

He has said that with all this will be even bigger dependency from third countries.

ignacio Aralus, President nuclear platformThe nuclear trade association that includes all companies that have power plants has said they will follow the protocol that companies that have power plants reached with the National Radioactive Waste Company (Enresa) for a phased closure by 2035. Spanish Nuclear Park.

However, he has stated that at this time for higher prices ElectricityNuclear power is starting to “see itself differently” and has demanded that Spain stop charging it with taxes, which average 40% of its business.

They have also demanded that nuclear power be allowed to finance itself without putting “sticks in the wheels” and that it is “a bit difficult”. Spanish government Send a letter to the European Commission (EC) opposing the inclusion of nuclear, which does not emit CO2, in the green classification so that it can access sustainable financing.

Hector Domingues (SNE): “Spain cannot do without nuclear power”

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